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Consulting Insider is the podcast that opens the doors to the world of consulting: behind the scenes, its challenges, its trends... but above all, its protagonists.

Discover the journeys of inspiring leaders, learn from their mistakes, soak up their successes and broaden your own perspectives.


Find out more about Emmanuel Petit, CIO at KPMG
After starting his career in professional services at Capgemini and accompanying the development of the IT function at Devoteam for 3 years, Emmanuel Petit is now CIO France at KPMG.

Discover his career path, his mistakes, his learnings and his vision of the consulting sector, after +10 years of career.

In this new episode of Consulting Insider, discover:
  • Behind the scenes of the IT function and the role of CIO, often overlooked
  • The differences between 3 major players in the sector (KPMG, Capgemini and Devoteam)
  • The Big 4's business & HR priorities for 2024
  • The fundamental trends that will shape the consulting sector in the coming years


From entrepreneur to Big 4 partner, discover Jean-François Marti's career path
From his early days at AOL and Liberty surf in the 1990s, to the creation of his pioneering Design Thinking company, to being bought out by a Big 4.
Discover the inspiring journey of Jean-François Marti, now a Partner at PwC.

this captivating first episode of Consulting Insider:
  • Take a behind-the-scenes look at a major acquisition by a Big 4 company, and discover the valuable lessons to be learned.
  • Why partnerships are a virtuous model for entrepreneurs
  • How to preserve corporate DNA and culture after a buyout
  • Explore the world of design thinking
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