Capgemini Invent x Napta

A fluid and transparent process of assignment which makes the employees actors of their assignment

Gain in fluidity
Gain in transparency
Gain in visibility
What an opportunity the crossroads of Capgemini Invent and Napta presented! The initial request was clear: to succeed in combining productivity, performance and transparency in a company of over 3,000 employees. A real challenge for many companies... Napta was proud to be able to respond to this ambitious project. The teams worked hand in hand to smoothly transform the assignment process at Capgemini Invent.
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The challenge of Capgemini Invent 

Capgemini Invent is the consulting arm of the Capgemini Group. It employs no less than 1,300 consultants in France and 7,000 internationally, specializing in management consulting, strategy consulting and business transformation.

Following an internal study, the conclusion was clear. A solution had to be found to change the assignment process, which lacked transparency and fluidity. The main objective was simple: to allow each employee to become a player in his or her own assignment thanks to better visibility of upcoming assignments.

Capgemini Invent came knocking at Napta's door with two objectives to achieve. The first was to sustainably transform the processes, with a view to simpler management of assignment. The second was to provide more transparency, for a more intuitive assignment . 

Capgemini Invent's challenges

No less than 4 challenges were put on the table. We had to find innovative solutions that could be implemented quickly. The most challenging? To create new processes that would not disrupt the work habits of the 3,000 consultants around the world, but would make their lives easier. 

These four challenges were significant and had to meet two objectives: to be more efficient and more engaging. Indeed, the assignment process in place was not sufficiently optimized and was wasting precious time for operations managers. A solution had to be found to reduce the time spent on assignment by identifying the availability and skills of employees more quickly. In addition, the consultants did not have a clear vision of their assignment and their projects. It was therefore necessary to make assignment more transparent and allow all stakeholders to invest in the exercise, thus increasing employee satisfaction.

The solution provided by the Napta teams 

In order to reduce the time spent at assignment, the Napta and Capgemini Invent teams have built an efficient workflow at assignment . No more wasted time, just productivity! This new work habit allows all project stakeholders to be involved. The result: greater transparency, with employees who are committed and have the opportunity to intervene. 

Everyone had a say in improving the processes. The new software from assignment is the result of the thinking of all the stakeholders in the project, with : 

The managers

Managers play a key role in assignment. Equipped with the Napta software, they have in particular :

  1. Created business opportunities by indicating their needs of assignment. Everything is deciphered: grade, availability period, department, skills.... 
  2. Suggested collaborators on each project

With even more transparency, managers can more easily find the right person for each project. 

The collaborators

There are over 1,300 of them at Capgemini Invent! A grouped solution had to be found. The Napta software allows everyone at the same time : 

  1. To visualize future business opportunities. With detail, to link only if they really like the project. 
  2. To express their interest in a project by a system of "likes" directly on the project page.

Like is not only for social networks! 

The people in charge assignment

Pillar role in assignment : the managers assignment. In order not to overwhelm them with too much information, the solution was to : 

Fast and convincing results thanks to Napta!

Once the deployment was completed, it didn't take long for the results to be felt. 

The new platform has allowed everyone to focus their energy and time on a clear, fluid and standardized process at assignment . Everyone works together on the same tool, without having to send an email to the project manager, then to the HR director, before contacting the employee... 

By gaining transparency, employees are also more involved! 80% of them log on each month to click on projects that interest them. They have gained autonomy, are aware of opportunities and work on projects that interest them. They are motivated and Capgemini Invent teams save time in the selection process. 

Availability is displayed in real time: we know who is available on Thursday and not on Tuesday, upcoming vacations, ongoing projects... Looking for the rare pearl is simpler and faster. And in case of doubt between several profiles, the employees' aspirations are taken into account!

The new assignment process implemented with Napta is a source of satisfaction for all. Consultants can see potential future assignments and "apply" for them, project managers receive faster and more qualitative proposals for their projects and operations managers save time in processing resource requests.

VP & COO - Capgemini Invent

An enlightened solution for a headache-free assignment

The Capgemini Invent and Napta teams deployed the software in just 4 weeks. A rapid solution that has improved employee performance and accelerated decision-making in project management. 

It is no longer just the managers assignment who decide, but all the stakeholders in the project. Like has made it possible to take into account the aspirations of the employees and to find the right person for each project. 

The icing on the cake: the assignment process at Capgemini Invent is more intelligent, leading to greater reactivity and insight into the needs of each project. 

The benefits observed

Gain in fluidity
More fluidity in the assignment for even more performance. A platform that centralizes all the information you need to stay on track!
Gain in transparency
80% of our employees log on and like the projects every month. Passionate, they jostle each other to be selected for each project.
Gain in visibility
For a project in 3 months in Nantes or in 6 days in Toulon, you know who is available when and for how long. No need to navigate from one excel to another to find the right profile.

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