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TOP 5 metrics to track for a assignment that increases your profitability

March 16, 2023
4 min
TOP 5 metrics to track for a assignment that increases your profitability

Your assignment is the best ally of your profitability! But you still need to have a software assignment that allows you to follow the essential metrics to optimize your margins and reduce your costs (regardless of your billing method). But what are these crucial indicators? Discover the 5 metrics that Napta recommends to maximize the profitability of your projects and your business.


The projected TACE

Everyone uses TACE and TACI to manage project planning on an as-needed basis.

But are you thinking about keeping track of the forecast? 

Viewing the TACE of teams over several weeks or months allows you to: 

And therefore, you can react in case of recruitment needs before you are faced with the wall and no longer have enough resources to respond to all your opportunities. Plan the repositioning of your teams before their availability directly in your software of assignment allows you to perfectly control your profitability.

The rate of assignment actual vs. forecast

This metric represents the difference between the time planned by the manager on a mission and the time actually allocated by the employees. Many managers assignment realize that managers tend to make more requests on the assignment tool (in terms of JHs) than what is really needed for a project (about 10% more). This represents a loss of profit and therefore a loss of margin, since you could have used this 10% on another project (and therefore, charged it to your customer). Allowing managers to access this data via a software assignmentsoftware will be a great help to help them better calibrate their needs!

The cost of availability

This data allows us to visualize a type of loss of revenue: that linked to inter-contracting. When an employee is not mobilized on a project, you lose revenue. To find out how much this costs your company, you need to look at the number of days when the employee is not positioned on a project and multiply it by his or her CJM. 

It's scary, isn't it?

To reduce this cost and maximize your profitability, adjust your schedules in advance and anticipate mission departures to limit your teams' periods of inactivity.

Do you want to limit inter-contracting and make the most of incompressible periods? Discover the replay of our webinar on the subject, in collaboration with Vendredi : watch the replay

Man-Days rate per project

This metric is easy to calculate: you simply divide the revenue generated by a project at a given moment by the number of days charged to it. This way, you get a key piece of information: the price you charge your clients for a day's work. By tracking this metric and comparing it to the costs associated with your project, you can adjust and manage your project teams. The objective is to guarantee the success of the mission on the one hand, by mobilizing consultants with the right level of expertise, and on the other hand to have the best possible margin

At Ekimetrics, managers are encouraged to monitor this metric closely, throughout the project. They adjust the teams as they go along to ensure the highest margins with the lowest possible expenses.

The rate of budgetary progress

In fixed price mode, this data allows you to closely monitor the consumption of the budget allocated to a mission, as it happens. Make sure that the margin against the sold budget is in line with the mission's progress rate. This is an important way to know if your budgets are correctly established at the beginning of the projects and to be able to adjust them. A tool assignment is the ideal tool to meet this challenge and monitor your budgets closely.

Things to remember

The assignment tool helps you track these metrics that play a very important role in increasing your profitability. 

Don't miss out on the progress of your projects and be able to make the right strategic decisions about your profitability! 

In addition, a software assignment software like Napta offers you a 360° vision to analyze the forecast and the actual, you will be on the lookout for the slightest drift to remain aligned with the customer's demands. 

And finally, optimize your time and that of your collaborators to analyze and reduce the number of inter-contracts, entries and exits of missions and transform them into a boost to your performance and profitability. 

Agathe Placet
Content manager

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