The keys to an optimal process assignment

Optimizing the assignment process is a critical issue. Effective methods are essential! Discover all the best practices identified by our customers to help you set up an efficient assignment process within your company today.

What you will find in the white paper

The consequences of a sub-optimal assignment

For your employees, managers, directors assignment and executives: discover the strategic consequences of an inefficient assignment process.

Choosing the right solution and implementing it

From choice of tool, to connections with your information system, to specific requirements: our advice on choosing and integrating the best assignment solution for you and your teams.

Creating an efficient organization

All the steps you need to take to create a assignment process that is efficient and effective in relation to your objectives and your operational organization.

Building winning proposals

Request assignment, response times, follow-up as you go: discover how the mix of algorithms, data and thinking will enable you to propose the best project teams!

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