What metrics should you follow to monitor your assignment and improve your decision making?

Today, data must be part of our daily life and plays an important role in our decision making. There is no room for chance! Performance requires precision and finesse in data analysis. Discover which data to follow and how to improve your decision making!

What you will find in the white paper

3 types of metrics to track

To ensure that assignment performs well at all levels, find out which KPIs to track in terms of operational performance, project profitability and employee engagement.

The benefits of dataviz

Accessibility, visibility, communication: Toucan Toco explains how to make data visualization a real performance and information transmission tool between your teams and with your customers.

The data / intuition combo

Neither our intuition nor mathematical data holds the whole truth: learn to combine the two to ensure informed and humane decision making to grow your business.

Examples and case studies

Grant Thornton, Ekimetrics or Artefact: discover how they use data on a daily basis in the management of assignment and the results of their processes.

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