Management of assignment : 4 processes deciphered

Which scheduling tool is right for you? Discover the direct impact of planning management on the performance of your company, on the operational, financial and human levels.

What you will find in the white paper

Dangers of poor management of the assignment

Like any process, assignment requires precise tools and organization, without which consequences on your operational and financial performance are to be expected.

10 analysis criteria

Based on the needs of our clients, we have compiled a list of 10 key criteria to keep in mind when choosing a tool and process for your company at assignment .

4 processes deciphered

Excel, ERP, in-house tool or market solution: discover the advantages and disadvantages of each tool to ensure that you make an informed choice that will perfectly match your needs.

Return of experience

Capgemini Invent, AirFrance KLM and Polyconseil have made the right choice for their organization: discover their feedback and the results of an optimal process.

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