Why manage the assignment of 50+ consultants on Excel and lose money, time and performance?

and what to do about it!
Tuesday, November 15
30 min.


If, at the creation of any service company, the choice of an Excel file or an "in-house" tool to manage the assignment of employees is almost naturally imposed, this solution cannot be sustained. Quickly, you are faced with major problems, which directly affect performance and profitability:

  • difficult centralization of data
  • loss of time due to lack of automation
  • risk of errors or data loss

The list goes on and on... 🥵

But a few questions remain: when is it relevant to start using tools, how to proceed and why is it important?

Our experts on the subject invite you to a 30-minute workshop dedicated to this topic. Together they will answer all your questions and discuss :

  • Signs and criteria that prove it's time to upgrade
  • Objectives and benefits of a assignment
  • Keys to setting up a process that suits you

They will also share their experiences and the testimonies of companies that have chosen to equip themselves for the management of assignment (and who do not regret anything!).

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Let's do the introductions

Find out who will present the webinar

Emma Goyet
Project Manager at Napta

As a project manager, Emma's role at Napta is to accompany new clients in the implementation and use of the software in their company. An expert in change management, she has a global view of the processes and KPIs to be followed to enable her clients to optimize the management of their assignment. A great analyst, she swears by data.

Gilles Samuel
Specialist in assignment for SMEs at Napta

Gilles' role is to guide companies that are reaching the end of their current processes. His objectives are simple: to understand the needs of his clients and to accompany them in the creation of a process at assignment that meets their present and future requirements. Once the project is framed. Flexible like Napta and expert on the functioning of SMEs and ETIs in the consulting world, Gilles adapts perfectly to his partners to allow the success of any project!

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