The method to succeed in your digital transformation project

through change management
45 minutes


Implementing a new tool in its IT environment is a challenge for all companies. After convincing your teams of the need to equip themselves on a subject, finding the tool that corresponds to your needs and releasing the necessary budget for its implementation, it is now necessary to deploy it to your entire workforce. This is an often dreaded step when you know that only 5% of digitalization projects succeed (source: MyRHline). However, two things are enough to guarantee your success:

  • the application of a proven methodology
  • precise follow-up of the change management

And this is what we will decipher during our workshop! Our CEO Arnaud Caldichoury will present the deployment method developed by Napta (tested and approved by our customers), as well as all his tips and best practices to successfully lead the change in your company! 🚀


At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a complete checklist as well as a workload plan template created by Napta to help you achieve all your digital transformation projects! Come in large numbers 👉

Let's do the introductions

Find out who will present the webinar

CEO of Napta

As a consultant before setting up his own company, he decided to leave his profession to find a solution that would respond to the frustrations he had experienced during his previous experiences. He therefore developed a resource planning tool based on skills. Based on his previous experiences, Arnaud considers that the development of employees at work is the key to a successful company.

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