What impact will AI have on the consulting world?

1 hour


While AI has been around for years, it was in 2023 that this powerful tool became widely democratized, redefining the rules of the working world. The consulting sector has not escaped this change in landscape!

Questions are being raised: what is the augmented consultant? Does responsible AI really exist? What role should AI-related projects play in the firm? 🧐

Questions that all IT services companies, consulting and auditing firms are rightly asking themselves. That's why, with Marek Kalnik, CTO at BAM, we're going to explore how consulting is revolving around this technology and its recent accessibility. 

Find out more in this webinar: 

  • How can you implement practical strategies to capitalize on AI and generate business opportunities?
  • How can you position yourself as an expert in a fast-growing field, thanks to practical advice?
  • What internal transformations can we expect in service companies and in the lives of consultants?

Get ready to master AI and shape the future of consulting. Reserve your place now for a captivating dive into the professional future.

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CTO and co-founder of BAM

Self-taught, entrepreneur, CTO, Marek created BAM, which has grown from 2 to 140 people in 8 years. In his work, Marek strives to reconcile day-to-day projects with a strategic vision. On the one hand, he draws on Lean Management to explore the boundaries between tech and management and create high-performance tech teams. On the other, he looks at the technologies of the future and the impact of AI on digital professions.

CEO and co-founder of Napta

As a consultant before setting up his own company, he decided to leave his profession to find a solution that would respond to the frustrations he had experienced during his previous experiences. He therefore developed a resource planning tool based on skills. Based on his previous experiences, Arnaud considers that the development of employees at work is the key to a successful company.

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