The metrics to follow in order to pilot your assignment in 2023

30 min.


From experience, data is undoubtedly the pillar of an optimized assignment . And for good reason: many professionals at assignment manage schedules primarily according to the occupancy rate of their teams. 

However, to ensure a fast and relevant assignment , it is no longer enough to make decisions based solely on the availability of employees. There are a multitude of metrics that we don't always think about, but which can considerably improve the quality of assignment, for your teams as well as your customers. 


We have identified, studied and categorized these metrics.

And we will introduce them to you.

Are you ready to discover the new metrics you need to track to properly drive your assignment in 2023? 🚀

Come and discover how, thanks to data, you will soon be able to : 

  • improve the quality of your assignment thanks to ever more efficient project teams
  • gain profitability through analysis of forecasts and reality on the ground
  • create a virtuous circle between assignment and employee commitment

All of this with advice, examples and case studies!

And as always, 15 minutes of Q&A session to answer all your questions. 🙋

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Let's do the introductions

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Zelda Borgia
Specialist of assignment at Napta

Thanks to an early career in the consulting world, Zelda is well versed in the issues and challenges around assignment in service companies. She joined Napta in 2019 to accompany partners, directors and managers assignment towards processes of assignment that fit them perfectly. Since then, she has been advising them on a daily basis and the results are more than convincing!

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