How can you use data to improve your decision making?

assignmentproject delivery and profitability
Tuesday, November 22nd
45 minutes


Today, we all agree that data must be part of our daily life and must be used in our decisions. Gone are the days of the wet finger: performance requires precision and finesse in data analysis.

Yet, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by an infinite amount of information, from which it is not always easy to sort out. How can you make informed decisions for your business and your performance when it is difficult to read the messages hidden in the data?

Napta and Toucan Toco have decided to help you reveal the power of your data in a unique webinar! On the program, you will discover : 

  • what are the key data for your performance, from the creation of project teams to profitability management
  • how dataviz allows you to communicate more effectively with your teams and save time
  • how to mix data and intuition to be more relevant in your decision making

All of this with advice, examples and case studies!

And as always, 15 minutes of Q&A session to answer all your questions.

Don't hesitate to register to participate in the live or receive the replay 👉

Let's do the introductions

Find out who will present the webinar

Thierry Migayron
VP Sales Europe at Toucan Toco

He currently manages a team of about 20 people with 3 profiles: Sales, Presales and SDR. With more than 15 years of experience in the Tech industry (Qlik, Oracle, Capgemini), Thierry has seen the evolution of the Data universe and its business challenges. Today, his goal is to simplify the daily life of organizations: from large international groups to public institutions, including software publishers, by equipping them with the Toucan Toco platform to help them better communicate their data and maximize its adoption.

Emma Goyet
Project Manager at Napta

As a project manager, Emma's role at Napta is to accompany new clients in the implementation and use of the software in their company. An expert in change management, she has a global view of the processes and KPIs to be followed to enable her clients to optimize the management of their assignment. A great analyst, she swears by data.

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