How can you make intercontract rhyme with the quest for meaning for your consultants?

Thursday, October 13
45 minutes


Inter-contracting is the bête noire of all service companies, which experience it as a direct attack on their profitability. Yet, despite all their efforts to reduce it, no company can really eliminate it. 

But don't be defeatist! Friday and PickYourSkills are joining forces to help you see the glass half full and reap the benefits: employee engagement and performance 🥂

Because let's face it: there are plenty of solutions to turn this unpleasant phenomenon into a real opportunity, for you and your employees. Félix de Monts and Arnaud Caldichoury, respectively CEO and founder of Vendredi and PickYourSkills, are waiting for you on Thursday, October 13 at 11:00 a.m. to take stock of the situation and to help you make intercontract rhyme with the quest for meaning for your employees. 

📆 On the program for this event:

  • How to regain power over the intercontract?
  • How to transform the incompressible into an opportunity for your business and your employees?
  • What results can be expected from a perfectly controlled intercontract?

And of course, 15 minutes of Q&A to ask our speakers all your questions! 🤩

Let's do the introductions

Find out who will present the webinar

CEO of PickYourSkills

As a consultant before setting up his own company, he decided to leave his profession to find a solution that would respond to the frustrations he had experienced during his previous experiences. He therefore developed a resource planning tool based on skills. Based on his previous experiences, Arnaud considers that the development of employees at work is the key to a successful company.

Friday's CEO

Also a former consultant, he made the decision to launch himself into entrepreneurship in 2015 by creating Vendredi. His objective is to respond to an observation: there is an urgent need to act around social and environmental challenges. He will therefore use his expertise and knowledge to put an end to the opposition between the search for profit by companies and civic engagement.

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