Developing your own assignment tool when you have the means: a false good idea?

Thursday, September 29
45 minutes


When it becomes necessary to invest in a new software from assignment, it is normal to wonder if it is not more economical and quicker to develop one's own tool rather than using a solution from the market. This is a legitimate question when a company has the technical or financial means to build a "home-made" software.

To answer this question, we decided to call Matters, a startup studio specialized in supporting entrepreneurs and building digital products. In other words, developing apps and software is their business, and they have all the skills in-house to build any solution for their clients. So why not a tool from assignment for their own need? 🤔

However, they chose to use PickYourSkills for their assignment tool. Philippe, Director of Operations at Matters, explains why and presents his method for choosing the best digital solutions provider.

📆 On the program for this event:

  • the right questions to ask yourself to understand and analyze your needs
  • which solution to choose to answer them precisely
  • the Matters method for choosing the ideal partner for your project

Feel free to ask your questions in the replay chat, our speakers will answer you by email! 🤩

Let's do the introductions

Find out who will present the webinar

Customer Success Manager at PickYourSkills

His role at PickYourSkills is to accompany his customers in the use of the solution, since the opening of the platform. Her goal is to ensure user satisfaction and full adoption of the platform. When they arrived, she took charge of the onboarding of the Matters teams and has been in contact with Philippe for a long time to facilitate the implementation of PickYourSkills in his teams!

Director of Operations at Matters

His mission is crucial to guarantee Matters' performance: he is in charge of building the organization that will best support Matters' clients. His role is to build the right teams for the right projects, according to their desires and skills, while keeping an eye on the forecast. He is the guarantor of the company's profitability.

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