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The best resource management tool that supports your planning decisions

Build efficient and motivated project teams, based on reliable and consolidated information: transform your processes with a tool from assignment that revolutionizes your business. The assignment will never be as simple as with Napta.

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Staff faster and smarter

Say goodbye to your Excel from assignment or your cobbled-together tools and give yourself the means to achieve great things thanks to a solution from assignment that is perfectly integrated into your IS. Availability, skills, project information and resource requests: with Napta, centralize in a single tool all the data necessary for informed planning. With our powerful algorithm, you can immediately identify the most appropriate profile for the needs of each mission. In just a few clicks, create the most relevant assignment for your managers, your employees and your clients.  

Several solutions to a need of assignment ? Napta helps you find the best one!

Boost your company's performance by optimizing your project planning

On Napta, you can find all the resource requests made by your managers. Thanks to this global and exhaustive vision of needs, you can optimize the positioning of your employees in just a few clicks and simulate scenarios of systems to be presented to the assignment committee. You arbitrate your decisions according to the prioritization of projects and the workload of your teams. This way, you improve the overall occupancy rate, avoid conflicts and reduce inter-contract periods.

A skyrocketing assignment rate thanks to a simple and intelligent solution.

Something unexpected? Share schedule changes in 2 steps

Napta has a central place in your IT system and retrieves in real time the data you need to anticipate, monitor and adjust your schedules as you go along. A mission that is being internalized, a departure on leave or a last minute request for assignment : you modify the position of your employees, resolve the conflict and share the information with them in one click. A notification is sent automatically to alert all stakeholders and the assignment rates of your employees are updated instantly, without any manual intervention on your part.

Reacting immediately, avoiding slippage and collaborating easily, it's possible with Napta.

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