Project Manager

The 360° resource management software that boosts the progress of your projects

Keep control of your projects with Napta, the ideal tool to plan, engage and make your project teams perform. You can finally rely on a tool that matches your operational needs with the workload of your teams!

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Optimize your schedules and respond to more opportunities

Projects are coming in but you lack the resources to respond to all these opportunities? Optimize your team schedules with Napta: thanks to our powerful algorithm, you can immediately identify the most appropriate profile for the needs of each project, whether it is a member of your team or an external person. You simply compare availability with the expertise required to deliver a project. Reorganize your projects as you go along and, in just a few clicks, create the assignment that is best suited to your employees and the projects to be carried out.

No need to turn down an opportunity for lack of resources!

Build devices adapted to your projects

Optimal planning of your projects relies on total control of a certain amount of data. Availability, skills or even the aspirations of your teams: with Napta, centralize in a single tool all this information necessary to optimize your schedules. Immediately identify the most appropriate profile for the needs of each mission and create, in a few clicks, the most relevant assignment for your employees.

Project teams at the crossroads between operational needs and your employees' aspirations!

Benefit from a clear and exhaustive vision of all your projects

Thanks to its consolidated dashboard, Napta highlights all the projects to be carried out by your teams. In progress or to come, all the information on these projects is centralized and updated in real time. It becomes quick and easy to visualize the progress of your projects, the differences between planned and actual time, the consumed budget, the position of your collaborators or the needs for resources. A clear vision on your projects for a greater capacity of anticipation.

Easier project tracking for informed decision-making.

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