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The number 1 resource management software that improves performance and engagement

Increase your company's productivity as well as your employees' commitment, and make your teams the driving force behind all your projects! Manage your business with peace of mind, for unbridled performance and soaring profitability.

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Benefit at all times from consolidated, reliable and up-to-date indicators in real time

You need reliable financial data to manage your business and you don't have the time to chase after the Excel files of each of your managers? Napta centralizes in complete and customizable reports all the data necessary to maximize your profitability. Team workload, project margins, turnover evolution or cost monitoring: everything is consolidated to allow you to make the right choice. By easily comparing actual and forecasted data, you have all the tools you need to anticipate and manage your growth strategy.

Accessible and centralized key indicators of your projects, for a soaring profitability!

Make project planning the key to your growth

Your performance depends on your ability to propose and deploy the right skills to your customers: which makes assignment the heart of your company's reactor. To optimize it, you need to know precisely the competencies, skills and availability of your teams. Make available to your managers assignment a tool that finally makes it possible to create the best device according to the constraints of each project. Win more and more projects, increase your occupancy rates and improve your profitability by reducing the number of inter-contracts!

Each project team must be a winning combo, for your employees and your client!

Attract and retain your consultants with a strong employer brand

You spend a lot of time recruiting the best, but the work doesn't stop there. Retain your consultants with a new and innovative way to manage assignment : integrate skills and aspirations into your decision making and give your employees the opportunity to express their interests in future projects. Napta's matching algorithm takes care of the rest and provides you with motivated project teams that will increase your revenue.  

Planning based on listening and transparency will be your differentiator!

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