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The 360° resource management software that unlocks profitability and performance

With Napta, make your assignment one of the pillars of your performance: optimize your profitability, maximize your margins and boost your employer brand. All this thanks to a solution that is simple, intelligent and exhaustive, but above all, dedicated to assignment.  

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Drive your business with centralized and up-to-date data, available in real time

To ensure maximum profitability, it is not enough to sell more projects: it is necessary to carry out more strategic, priority and profitable projects with the same amount of resources. Thanks to its comprehensive reporting on the workload, the evolution of your turnover, the costs or the profitability of each project, Napta highlights the data that will allow you to succeed in this balancing act. You follow the KPIs that interest you and are notified of any slippage, even during the course of a project. You gain time and performance at all levels, thanks to a solution that is perfectly integrated into your IS.

Your leading indicators, where you need them, when you need them!

Optimize your occupancy rate and limit conflicts of assignment

Some consultants are in intercontract, others are overloaded: this can't go on. This is why Napta allows you to smooth out the workload between teams: visualize the potential conflicts of assignment and make the necessary changes to avoid them. Moreover, for each project, our intelligent algorithm allows you to easily identify the most relevant profiles according to their availability. Finally, identify and mobilize the skills of your soon-to-be-available employees by quickly positioning them on future projects. This way, you can control your assignment rate and reduce the rate of inter-contracts.

A perfect allocation of resources, which will satisfy customers and employees.

Adapt your recruitment and training to the needs of your customers

What skills will you need to meet your future projects? This is the question that Napta answers by giving you a global vision of the skills in tension in your company. Thanks to this monitoring, you can anticipate your recruitment, training and internal mobility plans according to your projections. You can also call on your pool of freelancers: you will always be able to meet the needs of your clients and ensure the employability of your consultants.

A clear vision on competencies for a perfect alignment with market needs.

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