The only resource management tool that guarantees a well-crafted project management

Napta is the only solution that goes one step further by facilitating the management of your teams. Take the reins of your projects thanks to a clear vision on them and boost your customers' satisfaction.

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Quickly propose the best team to your clients and win all your projects

Writing an email to the manager assignment, waiting for his reply, ending up staffing a collaborator on the fly and wasting hours retrieving his CV: does that speak to you? With Napta, all that is over. On each project, indicate all your needs for assignment and the associated criteria. Once your request has been processed by the manager assignment, export the CV of the new team member in two clicks, easily choosing the experience and skills to be highlighted. You will be able to respond more quickly to your business opportunities and increase your chances of winning the project!

Quick and relevant answers for each client, that is Napta's promise.

Keep control over the progress and evolution of your projects

All the information on your teams and your projects, centralized in a single tool: this is the promise made by Napta. On each project card, you can follow all the KPIs necessary for the success of your project with the help of dynamic and customizable reports. Project progress, budget status, margin evolution or load monitoring: the data related to your projects are updated in real time. A change or a slippage? Napta alerts you so you can get back on track!

Real-time project monitoring, accompanied and without headaches.

Communicate easily with all your project stakeholders

Napta puts an end to time-consuming manual tasks and double data entry: all information related to changes in your projects is automatically transmitted in real time to the project teams. But that's not all! Encourage exchanges with your consultants thanks to the end-of-assignment feedbacks, which can be filled out directly on the platform. The managers at assignment can follow the evolution of the overall workload and your employees are informed of any changes in real time. Napta becomes the nerve center of your process at assignment.

Real-time updated data to react immediately and avoid slippage!

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