The perfectly secure 360° resource management software that ensures maximum performance

Napta is the only solution dedicated to the management of assignment and competencies that offers unbridled performance in a framework where data security is guaranteed. Make your IT system grow thanks to a perfectly integrated tool, for ever more efficient and optimized processes.

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Offer your teams a high-performance solution adapted to their needs on assignment

You've tried everything: developing in-house software, creating connections between unsuitable tools, securing your Excel files... but none of these solutions can really ensure proper management of assignment ? Then you are at the right place. Napta is the only solution dedicated to assignment for consulting firms such as IT services companies, which allows to immediately identify the most relevant team for each project. Trust us, your operations managers will thank you!

A solution that evolves, guided by the needs of its customers, this is the promise of Napta.

Stay in control of your data and IT security

All your company's data belongs to you, whether it concerns your projects, your customers or your employees. Napta has understood this and has made the protection of your information its number one priority. All of our servers are hosted in Europe and each of our customers has its own secure database, where information is saved daily. But that's not all! Napta surrounds itself with the best: all our subcontractors are of course GDPR compliant to offer you a solution with the highest level of protection.

An IT department and frequent audits are mobilized for your security.

Connect your assignment solution to your entire IS

Napta puts an end to data loss, double entries and the risk of errors. Our open API allows you to create custom connections between your existing tools and your new solution from assignment, in order to retrieve or send the data needed for project planning (ERP, CRM or HRIS for example). All information travels from one tool to another, automatically and without manual intervention. Moreover, you are completely free in the configuration of your platform: Napta's mission is to scrupulously adapt to your operation.

Extremely fine tuning and custom interfacing, for a best-in-class IS!

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