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The best resource management tool that accelerates business performance

With Napta, it only takes a few seconds to organize the planning of all your projects. You can finally rely on a tool that matches your operational needs with the workload of your teams. Anticipate, plan and perform!

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Absorb more projects by anticipating and prioritizing your teams' workload

If you wonder, when each new project arrives, if you have the bandwidth to absorb it, then Napta is for you. Thanks to the complete reports on the workload of your teams, you can simply compare the availability of skills with the expertise required to complete a project. You can anticipate your availability, prioritize missions, modify the distribution of the load and never refuse new projects again!

All the information about your team's workload and your projects are finally available.

Benefit from a clear and exhaustive vision of all your projects

Thanks to its consolidated dashboard, Napta highlights all the projects to be carried out by your teams. In progress or to come, all the information on these projects is centralized and updated in real time. It becomes quick and easy to visualize the progress of your projects, the differences between planned and actual time, the consumed budget, the position of your collaborators or the needs for resources. A clear vision on your projects for a greater capacity of anticipation.

Easier project tracking for informed decision-making.

Accurately track the workload of each employee and your teams

Napta allows you to answer a crucial question in a snap: who is working on which project, since when and for how long? Indeed, our workload reports (overall or per employee) allow you to benefit from reliable indicators on the availability of your teams and your overall occupation rate. And thanks to an instantaneous update after each schedule modification, you always have all the cards in hand to make the best management decisions!

Reliable and customizable reports for a precise management of the load.

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