Centralization of needs

Gather all your planning data on your assignment 360° solution

Mit Napta können Sie in einem einzigen Tool alle Mitarbeiter- und Projektdaten sammeln, um eine fundierte Projektplanung zu gewährleisten und Ihre Entscheidungsfindung zu optimieren. Bauen Sie Ihren Projekterfolg auf klaren Informationen auf!

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Centralized and standardized project data

Find in Napta all your commercial opportunities, automatically retrieved from your CRM, as well as all the associated information. Cross-reference the criteria of each project with the availability, skills and interests of your employees, without any double entry, from a single tool. Base your choices on reliable and up-to-date data, all in one place.

Collect all your opportunities and projects on the platform in the same format
Save time and peace of mind by eliminating double entry and errors
Make informed decisions based on centralized, up-to-date data

Resource requests without blind spots

Express all your needs effortlessly on assignment . A new project, a renewal or an adjustment: in two clicks, enter the criteria that correspond to your needs (skills, aspirations, availability, position, etc.). Suggest the most relevant collaborators before sending your resource requests to the person in charge of assignment. You are immediately notified when your requests have been processed.

Make all your requests for assignment on a single and complete tool
Speed up decision making with informed suggestions
Respond 3 times faster to your customers' needs

Prioritizing needs becomes child's play

Quickly access all your managers' requests and take advantage of a consolidated view of their needs. Prioritize your responses according to project constraints and employee suggestions. Make your life easier: in a few clicks, find the best combination to position your employees on projects according to a multitude of criteria.

Increase efficiency when processing resource requests
Conduct more effective planning by prioritizing your responses
Automatically inform your managers of the answers to their requests

With Napta, we can connect with our CRM and have replaced three tools in order to gain fluidity on assignment and to accompany the consultants in their career path at Bartle.

Patrick Nicolle
Founding partner

Do you have any questions?

We probably have the answer

Who has access to managers' resource needs?

At Napta, we are committed to making the platform extremely flexible, especially with regard to the read/edit rights of the assignment requests.

Generally, it is the people in charge of assignment who can view and interact with manager resource requests. However, it is also possible to give visibility to your collaborators on the requests, without them being able to respond.

What are the criteria available in Napta to make a resource request?

When you issue a resource request in Napta, these are the fields you will need to fill in:

  • Period(s) when the employee is solicited
  • Position held and seniority
  • Skills sought
  • Department of origin
  • Location
  • Types of contract (internal, external, freelance)

Although all criteria are optional, we recommend that you make your assignment requests as specific as possible to find the most relevant collaborator for your mission. Don't forget that you can add as many criteria as you want to set up your platform according to your needs.

How does Napta interface with the rest of my information system?

Napta can connect to your API to retrieve or push data. We can also do this via flat file exchanges or let you choose to connect to our API to interact with our solution. 


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