Restructure your assignment in 5 steps

Are you too content with an Excel spreadsheet or other under-efficient tool, for fear of embarking on a assignment restructuring project? However, it's possible to structure your assignment painlessly: just follow 5 key steps (approved by our customers)!

What you will find inside

5 steps to restructuring your assignment

Drawing up specifications, choosing the right tool, defining a process... We support you throughout your restructuring project, detailing every step you need to take to succeed.

Our customers' best practices

Examples and tactics from leading consulting firms to set up an organization that suits you and your constraints.

Tips and points to watch out for

The subtleties to be taken into account depending on your sector, your size, your billing method, and our advice on how to move forward while taking your specific needs into account.

Additional content

A checklist and a template to help you manage change in your company!

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