Running a consulting, audit or IT services companies firm: trends and challenges 2024

Is the consulting world outdated?

Overtaken by technology?
Overtaken by scandals?
Overtaken by new generations?

‍I don't subscribe to this
declinist theory of the consulting sector

The raison d'être of consulting, auditing and IT services companies firms is to support economic players in the world's major socio-economic transformations. There is no shortage of current transformations (Data, AI, sustainability, re-industrialization & national sovereignty, ...), the sector has already trained itself on them, and companies are more than ever in need of support. Consulting therefore still has a bright future ahead of it, and this will probably materialize in 2-digit annual growth rates.

In association with The Boson Project, we have sought to highlight the main challenges facing the sector in 2024. To do this, we drew on our daily exchanges with our 150 corporate customers, in-depth interviews with the heads of major players in the sector, and feedback from hundreds of consultants.

I hope you will find this study informative. In any case, we'll be at your side to meet the challenges facing the sector in 2024.

Enjoy your reading.

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