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The number 1 resource management software for project-based companies

Open the field of possibilities! Napta is the assignment solution (sometimes called project planning) made for all teams working in project mode. Get more projects done by mobilizing the right people and skills, for a skyrocketing performance.

Eight Advisory trusts PickYourSkills for its assignmentVertone entrusts PickYourSkills with its assignment and competency management

Immediately identify the project teams adapted to your constraints and ambitions  

For each project, there is a great team: this is the ideal that Napta allows you to achieve! Centralize all the profiles of your collaborators (internal and external), with their skills, aspirations and availability. Cross-reference this information with the constraints and requirements of each project and let our powerful matching algorithm suggest the most relevant profiles. Select those who will be on board the project and validate: your teams are set up and ready for action.

The winning combo for every project, simply!

Achieve more projects by accurately tracking the workload of your employees

Who is working on which project, since when and for how long? This is the question that Napta answers by providing you with a clear vision of the occupation of your employees. Whether it is global or individual, you can monitor the load in real time, evaluate its impact on the performance of your projects and make changes as you go along to avoid overload. But that's not all! Anticipate periods of overload or underload according to upcoming projects and the availability of your teams: the key to completing more projects!

No more overload/underload peaks, just unbridled productivity!

Promote voluntary commitment to ensure your company's performance

Your employees are the driving force of all your projects: your capacities are based on their skills and know-how. This is why Napta gives you the means to know them, to mobilize them and to develop them. Your employees declare their skills and aspirations, directly visible on their profiles. They can also indicate their interests for a project or a training. In light of this information, you create efficient project teams, in constant progress and voluntarily committed.

The key to success is demonstrated expertise and interest in a given project.

Here's what it looks like for our clients

Digitizing the management of skills and careers for more than 1,000 employees

With Napta, Rhôn'Telecom has taken a step forward by equipping itself with an easy-to-use solution specialized in the management of its talents' careers. The methodology and the support of the PickYourSkills team were decisive for the successful deployment of the solution and its interconnection with the Rhôn'Telecom Information System.

Theodore Villette
Operational Manager - Rhôn'Telecom

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