Vertone x Napta

A fully digitalized process for annual and end-of-assignment evaluations

30% of time saved
Improved career tracking
360° mission evaluations
To make assignment a real tool to support the professional development of employees: this was Vertone's objective when they called on Napta. To achieve this goal, they had to completely revise the annual evaluation process and set up an end-of-assignment evaluation system. "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed": Napta took over the existing system to digitize and optimize the evaluations, in order to combine performance and flexibility, thanks to the implementation of an intelligent tool.
Strategy and management consulting, specialized in marketing
End of Mission Evaluation Form

Vertone's challenge

Vertone is a strategy and management consulting firm with 160 employees in France. Its motto is "Dare to surpass yourself to build the world of tomorrow".

With this in mind, this consulting firm contacted the Napta teams in 2018. The company wanted to support the evolution and progression of its employees, without wasting time with time-consuming processes. Napta's mission was to improve and streamline employee evaluation processes, while allowing them to track their professional development. What a program!

Vertone's challenges

Vertone needed to develop a 360° view of the evolution of its employees, from the missions they carried out to the skills they developed, including their professional aspirations. To do this, several challenges were raised with Napta. 

First, the digitization of the annual evaluation and end-of-project processes was essential. Vertone's teams were reviewing on indigestible PowerPoint and Word documents that lacked structure and unity. 

In addition, the consolidation of the information collected was very difficult, if not impossible. It was necessary to find a unique tool that would make it possible to gather and create a complete history of all the evaluations performed. In addition, the existing process did not allow for a precise follow-up of the development of the employees' skills during their professional career. 

Finally, Vertone wanted to improve the quality of evaluations by giving employees the opportunity to give feedback to their managers.

Employees take control of their careers

Napta has restructured, architected and simplified the employee evaluation process. The evaluation campaigns are separated into two categories: end-of-assignment evaluations and annual evaluations. Both are now done on a dedicated tool with a personalized form, accessible online by everyone, at any time. 

For the end-of-mission evaluations, the Napta solution has made it possible to :

  1. Centralize employee and project data, retrieved from the HRIS and ERP 
  2. Declaring project objectives, between manager and employee
  3. Allow employees to evaluate themselves on qualitative criteria (satisfaction, improvements) and on soft skills
  4. Enable managers to evaluate employees on a set of managerial skills, 
  5. Ensure an end-of-project meeting, in order to complete and/or approve the completed forms as well as to define the work areas. 

As for the annual evaluations, the process is now much more efficient:

  1. The forms are automatically pre-filled with the information available on the projects and the history. The collaborator only has to fill in his part. 
  2. The employee and the manager meet to review the year. They complete the evaluation form together.
  3. Once both parties are aligned on the elements contained in the form, they approve and close, with one click, the evaluation. 
  4. Once the assessment is complete, the employee's competency profile is automatically updated, which also impacts Vertone's competency mapping.
  5. The results are consolidated in Napta in the form of reports and the analysis of these reports enables HR decisions to be taken more quickly (recruitment plan, training and promotions).  

The results!

Employees are at the heart of the project! The implementation of a single platform, offering two fully digital solutions, has made it possible to transform processes and include all stakeholders in the missions of assignment. 

To date, Vertone's teams have saved 30% of their time dedicated to feedback and evaluations thanks to the complete digitization of processes. From filling out forms to analyzing the collected data, the intelligence of the Napta software allows all stakeholders to go faster in conducting evaluations.

This digitalization has also enabled a macro analysis of skills, at the firm level. After each campaign, the management committee can visualize the state of the skills map at the firm level, and thus make decisions on recruitment, mobility or training necessary for the firm's evolution.

Finally, the employees are actors of their career. They can give and receive feedback at the end of each project. Each mission allows them to gain visibility on their professional future. This is a real asset, to engage them and allow them to increase their skills, while being motivated and challenged.

Thanks to the deployment of Napta, we have succeeded in streamlining our annual evaluation process. We have also digitized the end-of-project evaluations in order to monitor and support our employees in their development.

Fabienne Goarzin
RH Partner - Vertone

360-degree feedback on each project and satisfied employees

The objective of creating this feedback system was twofold: to maximize the potential of the evaluation process within Vertone and to optimize the career follow-up of employees. These two objectives were largely achieved, allowing each stakeholder to "find their own way". Time savings and satisfaction have soared!

The digitization of tools has made it possible to further promote exchange and dialogue within the company, bringing more flexibility and transparency for HR, employees and managers. 

The benefits observed

30% of time saved
Digitalization has accelerated the annual and end-of-assignment evaluation processes, for even greater performance!
Improved career tracking
Employees' aspirations are taken into account in skills development actions. An additional motivation to learn and progress!
360° mission evaluations
Employees are evaluated and receive feedback at the end of each assignment. The software gives even more meaning to their professional career.

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