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Digitizing the management of skills and careers for more than 1,000 employees

Construction of a repository of 3400 skills
Individual career guidance
Valuation of training courses
Career and skills management hides a dual HR and operational challenge. Rhôn'Telecom understood this and set itself a simple objective: to revolutionize current talent management processes while bringing together two mutually opaque worlds: operations management and human resources. It was necessary to respond to both business and human issues: a real cup of tea for the Napta teams, whose specialty is this.
Provision of telecommunication services
Training Dashboard

The context and challanges

For more than 10 years, the company has been involved in connecting the telecommunications network of the Rhone-Alpes and Ile-de-France regions. This work requires daily exchanges with employees with varied skills, positioned on different projects and different sites. That's why keeping track of projects, skills development and career advancement can be a real headache - especially if the company doesn't have the right tools. In 2020, Rhôn'Telecom's decision was unanimous: it was necessary to equip itself to maintain optimal talent management, by relying on a solution like Napta.

The challenges launched by Rhôn'Telecom

For a company of this size, overhauling the talent management process is a significant challenge that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, the latter is composed of 3 objectives:

The new process proposed by Napta

In order for Rhôn'Telecom to support its employees in their careers, the first step was to implement Napta, a unique digital solution capable of centralizing all the information (skills, development wishes, job descriptions, etc.). The second step was the creation of a new process, saving time for HR teams and giving employees more autonomy. Focus on this process: 

  1. When a new employee arrives at Rhôn'Telecom, his profile is created on the platform. 
  2. The employee can associate his profile with the job description corresponding to his position. 
  3. Automatically, the competencies attached to this job description are added to the employee's profile, without any manual intervention on their part.
  4. Once the competencies are displayed on their profile, the employee can self-assess for each of them. They can also add any additional skills.
  5. The manager accompanies him/her following the self-assessment and validates his/her new skills with him/her. 
  6. The employee has access to his or her profile, as well as to all the company's job descriptions. Not to mention access to a complete training catalog, where they can indicate the training they wish to take. 

The new process creates a transparent, more efficient and satisfying framework for all!  

The results!

Rhôn'Telecom's 1,150 employees had high expectations of this new process and the results were highly anticipated. They were more than satisfactory!

First success: the Napta and Rhôn'Telecom teams have set up an exhaustive repository of 3,400 cross-disciplinary and specific skills, so that each employee can build a complete profile representative of his or her expertise.

In addition, the centralization and digitization of job description data allows all employees to access them at the click of a button. They can position themselves on the missions that interest them (aspirations, like missions...), while indicating their desire for their professional career.  

But that's not all: with the creation of a customized training catalog, adapted to the world of telephone telecommunications and accessible to all, employees have become the real players in their skills development. The "Like" system reinforces the collaboration between employees and HR, who propose training programs that are popular.

With Napta, Rhôn'Telecom has taken a step forward by equipping itself with an easy-to-use solution specialized in the management of its talents' careers. The methodology and the support of the PickYourSkills team were decisive for the successful deployment of the solution and its interconnection with the Rhôn'Telecom Information System.

Theodore Villette
Operational Manager - Rhôn'Telecom

Rhôn'Telecom has revolutionized its processes faster than its shadow

The simplicity and speed of the implementation of the Napta solution has allowed us to reconnect 1,150 employees to their careers and their future within the company in no time. In addition, the new processes allow information to flow more easily. After only a few months of use, more than 80% of the teams have become regular users of the platform, very satisfied with the new talent management processes. Napta is a simple solution that makes life easier for both operational managers and the HR department, and has enabled employees to gain autonomy in their career paths.

The benefits observed

Construction of a repository of 3400 skills
Not 1, 10 or 100, but 1,150 employees now have a personal and complete skills profile thanks to a repository accessible to all, listing both transversal and specific skills.
Individual career guidance
Rhôn'Telecom has digitized and centralized all the job descriptions available in the company. Employees can access them in two clicks and easily view internal mobility opportunities.
Valuation of training courses
Employees can easily access the training catalog and simply express their interest in it, much to the delight of HR teams.

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