Polyconseil x Napta

Choose an existing Resource Management software vs. build your own.

30% time saved
A complete mapping of skills
A digitalized evaluation process
Polyconseil's values are flexibility, innovation and the promotion of innovative ideas. These values immediately resonated with Natpa. Polyconseil's teams, specialized in digital transformation and agility, could have developed their own solution for the management of their assignment using their internal resources. However, they chose to call upon Napta, and they were right!
Innovation and digital
Search engine and individual reports from assignment

Polyconseil's challenges

Polyconseil had sufficient internal resources to develop its own resource management tool. However, the creation of the tool was not enough to meet all the objectives. Polyconseil asked Napta to solve three challenges. 

  1. Optimize the process of assignment and save time in the allocation of resources thanks to the centralization and visibility of project and employee information.
  2. Easily identify the skills and aspirations of each individual. The company's hyper growth had attracted more than a hundred new employees in 2020. 
  3. Improve and facilitate the monitoring of professional development and team progression.

How did Napta support Polyconseil?

In 4 weeks, the Napta teams deployed their know-how to offer a resource management tool adapted to Polyconseil's problems. Polyconseil had a very complete and organized application ecosystem. Napta came to add its stone to the edifice, in order to accompany it in the transformation of its process of assignment, for a fluid and painless management. 

Rather than tearing down and rebuilding, Napta has strengthened the existing IS. The assignment platform and other Polyconseil tools can now exchange valuable information that is crucial to project planning. By connecting to the entire ecosystem, Napta has put in place: 

And all this without manual intervention or double entry! The data is automatically updated and accessible at all times by the managers assignment.

The results!

Extracting and centralizing data allows teams to gain in productivity and performance. The proof! Polyconseil's teams estimate that they have reduced the time spent on managing assignment by 30%. Time made available for customer projects!

 Thanks to its flexibility and transparency, the cost of the solution was divided by 3. Not to mention the efficiency of the tool's deployment. It must be said that 95% of employees have completed their profile in less than 4 weeks. 

We had started the internal development of a assignment and competency management tool to support our growth. The discovery of Napta convinced us to choose an off-the-shelf software that meets our needs, so that we can focus on the development of our customer projects and other essential internal tools.

Laura Pochebonne
Recruitment manager - Polyconseil

Polyconseil, close to its teams and employees

Within 4 weeks, Polyconseil has permanently transformed its assignment process. The centralization and digitization of data has also saved valuable time for managers assignment. Moreover, employees have a much better visibility on assignment and future opportunities, to their great pleasure.

Polyconseil has not stopped growing. Today, the company is composed of 250 talents who work in more than 20 countries, with 100% satisfied customers. 

The benefits observed

30% time saved
This is the time saved in the process of assignment. Polyconseil's teams have quickly jumped on the bandwagon since they are now more efficient and faster when managing the assignment.
A complete mapping of skills
With an average of 25 skills per profile, in only 4 weeks. A real success for the employees, beneficial to the new management of assignment.
A digitalized evaluation process
All the information collected during the assessments is now centralized and easily accessible on a dedicated tool. What more could you ask for?

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