Success Story: Devoteam Revolve x Napta

A transparent assignment process to reinforce the development of consultants' skills

Gain in transparency
Encouraging mutual aid
Improvement of the quality of the assignment
As a digital services company, Devoteam Revolve, decided to call on Napta to help them achieve their objective: to guarantee the skills development of their consultants and peer-to-peer learning. Like all service companies, the evolution and monitoring of team skills is crucial to ensure operational success. Over the years, Devoteam Revolve's teams have put in place means to reinforce knowledge sharing and have made mutual aid a real driver of individual and collective performance. This vision is widely shared by the Napta teams, who have not missed this opportunity to combine productivity, performance and transparency.
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The Devoteam Revolve challenge

Previously, Devoteam's teams had already gone a long way toward sharing knowledge: 

They quickly realized that their goals would be difficult to achieve without a tool that would allow them to have visibility on their results and to use this information in their assignment. 

The challenges 

Before using Napta, the assignment was done on Salesforce, and it was totally disconnected from employee skills and commitment. 

Their process was not transparent enough and did not allow the consultants to be real actors of their assignment. 

It was time to breathe new life into their process at assignment ! 

Challenge #1: Improve the quality of assignment

Sales people need to have an immediate view of skills to be able to take them into account at assignment, and thus respond very precisely to employees' needs. In addition, everyone can now quickly know who has what skills to promote knowledge sharing. 

Challenge n°2 : Make the consultants actors of their progress

onsultants should be able to self-declare their skills and certifications, but also declare their wishes for evolution and their interest in a project, in order to foster learning by doing. 

Challenge 3: Encourage mutual support among employees

It is important to ensure transparency on the skills of all employees to be able to identify as a referent or expert on a topic by the community, track the use and progress of consultants on their skills and highlight the aspirations of each.

Napta has of course accepted to take up these challenges by offering them a quality assignment tool that is used as a real lever for skills development! 

Thanks to Napta, we can now facilitate the sharing of knowledge through peer-to-peer learning, map the evolution of these skills, and follow their evolution over time. Thus, we are able to compose the most relevant teams for each client project. In addition, we appreciated the support provided by the Napta teams, and the fact that they listened to our needs, which allowed the tool to evolve and be adapted to our corporate culture.

Audrey Huvet
Director of the Centre for Contributory Research

The solution provided by Napta 

It's a good thing: assignment through skills is our business at Napta. Our objective was to give Devoteam Revolve the keys to set up a assignment process that perfectly meets their needs, while simplifying the steps. 

Napta has enabled Devoteam Revolve to map the skills of its employees and to have a reliable overview of the skills of each person.

Napta combines the functionalities of an internal directory with those of a competency management tool.

The results observed 

Today, Devoteam Revolve uses Napta as a skills map. These are used daily by the teams in charge of assignment, who manage to build transversal projects perfectly adapted to both employees and customers.

Now, 95% of Devoteam Revolve's 300 employees have filled out their profile on Napta and are satisfied with the use. The results are convincing:

In light of these results and employee satisfaction, Devoteam Revolve is considering the integration of new functionalities, such as the possibility of performing 360° feedbacks and end-of-assignment feedbacks with Napta.

"It was a pleasure to accompany Devoteam Revolve in their choice of a tool for managing skills and assignment. As their vision is perfectly in line with Napta's philosophy: to make the employee an actor of his assignment, we were able to move forward quickly and concretize a collaboration that is meaningful for our respective companies." Zelda Borgia, assignment specialist at Napta.

The benefits observed

Gain in transparency
Employees log on to Napta, view all available projects and express their interest in them. Thus, they have a real say in the process of assignment.
Encouraging mutual aid
Consultants can easily identify an expert thanks to the 95%+ of skill profiles provided and can highlight the topics and expertise they wish to advance.
Improvement of the quality of the assignment
With global visibility into skills and aspirations, responses to customer needs are faster and more relevant.

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