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Bartle's teams have evolved very quickly. So fast, that it wasn't necessarily possible to continue using the existing assignment processes... That's why Bartle went knocking on Napta's doors to smoothly transform the processes. Their goals? To index the data on a single platform in order to make the assignment process more fluid, and to develop a solution entirely adapted to the IS environment. Two challenges that allowed the Napta teams to surpass themselves and to do wonders!
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The Bartle Challenge

Founded in 2005, Bartle accompanies the transformation of companies by relying on their business and sector expertise, but also and above all on their BCorp commitment. Close to its clients, in less than 20 years the company has been present in the largest cities: Paris, Lille, Montpellier and Brussels.

In 2019, their strong growth pushes Bartle's teams to question their process of assignment . Faced with this situation, the teams decided to rely on Napta's expertise to develop an innovative and efficient solution. 

Among other things, the group needed an organizational restructuring, in order to make assignment more transparent on the one hand and the employee path more fluid on the other. 

Bartle's challenges

Bartle didn't do things by halves, because not one, not two, but four challenges were presented to the Napta teams! They had to find an innovative solution, while taking into account the existing IS environment, the 258 projects carried out each year and the skills of the employees... A challenge that can make one's head spin, but that is what we do every day at Napta.

The four challenges were: to improve the management of assignment for greater fluidity, to optimize the centralization of information (everyone needs to know everything at the same time), to have global and individual reporting, and to improve the NPS of consultants vis-à-vis assignment. It was necessary to combine performance and speed of execution, on an intuitive and global platform.

The solution provided

Napta's teams have found easy-to-implement solutions to each challenge. 

The first step was of course to analyze, simplify and standardize the assignment process. Previously, Bartle's teams were operating on an ERP system and Excel spreadsheets for their assignment. A process that led to a lack of transparency, communication and coordination at all levels. 

This new process solved two challenges in one. Managers and supervisors at assignment have built an efficient workflow, with information centralized in a single interface. Now, all crucial information for assignment (availability, business opportunities, etc.) is displayed and accessible by all, in the same place, which facilitates anticipation and assignment forecasting!

Another of the solutions provided by Napta concerns management and data: thanks to its on-board reporting, Napta has enabled Bartle's teams to benefit from information that is crucial to the proper management of assignment : overall occupancy rate or by employee, monitoring of workload, availability of skills, etc.

Finally, to give employees a voice in the assignment process, Bartle has opted for Napta's transparency. No more opacity on the assignment process, the business opportunities and the project teams to be created are now accessible by the consultants. And by making available to the consultants the solution to include the consultants in the assignment process by allowing them to simply visualize the current and future project opportunities. Thanks to a system of "likes", teams can express their interest in an assignment. This is a win-win situation: employees work on missions that motivate them and the decision making process of managers is facilitated assignment !

Flamboyant results

As soon as the software was deployed and the mapping updated, the results were beyond expectations. 

The assignment tool, including centralized data, provides greater agility to its users and opens up new opportunities for all employees. Bartle's teams can more easily anticipate workloads and the skills required for each assignment. 

The implementation of a tool that allows collaboration to rhyme with performance! Indeed, the managers assignment, the managers as well as the employees work on a single platform. This is the end of untimely emails, overloaded Excel files and hallway noises! Instead, concrete action to move the project forward in a timely manner. 

In addition to facilitating team management, Bartle has year-round access to detailed reports on each assignment. The budget, skills required, time taken and many other data are analyzed to optimize the processes of similar missions. 

Finally, employees have become real players in their own assignment. Thanks to a "likes" system, teams can express their interest in a mission. This is a real game-changer for everyone: employees work on missions that motivate them and the decision making of managers is facilitated assignment ! A feature that makes all the difference and makes the software of assignment Napta unique in its kind. 

With Napta, we can connect with our CRM. We have managed to replace three tools in order to gain fluidity on assignment and to accompany the consultants in their career path at Bartle.

Founding Partner - Bartle

3 tools in 1 for even more performance 

1 year later, the Barle teams have changed their habits and are delighted! The Napta tool has made it possible to merge three tools (Excel, skills mapping, reporting) into one! This was all it took to increase the productivity of the teams. 

By simplifying the process at assignment, it has become more rigorous... and therefore easier. The Bartle teams are now well versed in the software and have absolutely no desire to go backwards. That's all it takes to satisfy the Napta teams!

The benefits observed

More satisfaction
Consultants can express their interest in an assignment. If finding a competent person is good enough, finding a person motivated by the project is even better!
More reactivity
With more than 250 client projects per year, Bartle's teams have been able to streamline processes, accelerate decision making and position their employees in no time.
More collaboration
200 consultants in 4 entities use Napta on a daily basis. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) has never been so high!

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