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An optimal resource management tool deployed in less than 5 weeks

Rapid deployment
1 unique process for 9 business units
Regular employee feedback
Axys Consultants and Napta have pushed back the usual rules of assignment, in order to adopt ultra efficient solutions. While management no longer holds any secrets for Axys Consultants, assignment was having difficulty fully developing. The creation and implementation of an intelligent and global tool was no longer an option. The company turned to Napta to transform and optimize its processes. A prerequisite for this transformation? That assignment would provide more visibility on the missions carried out.
Transformation consulting
Reporting from assignment global

The challenge

Since 1987, Axys Consultants has acquired a wealth of customer experience, acquiring a unique know-how and a 360° view of the issues of our time. Over time, Axys Consultants has surrounded itself with motivated collaborators who work with hundreds of clients on a daily basis. 

Axys Consultants came to Napta with two major challenges: to improve and harmonize the assignment process across all business units and to modernize the end-of-project evaluation process. An inspiring challenge that the Napta teams were delighted to take up!

Axys Consultants' challenges

Good management of assignment cannot be improvised! It is a difficult art, which requires great communication between all teams and employees. Without this, the assignment process can create many points of friction and frustration for managers, while being opaque for the management team. Axys Consultants has therefore decided to take matters into its own hands to achieve 4 objectives.  

  1. Create a single process at assignment to standardize the business units. No more creating a new Excel file for each assignment!
  2. Give more visibility to the management on the processes of assignment to facilitate the management of the activity. 
  3. Pool all the information from the different BUs, with a view to facilitating cross-assignment. 
  4. Modernize end-of-assignment and annual evaluation processes through digitalization. 

The Napta solution

In order to meet Axys Consultants' needs in record time, our teams pulled out all the stops and succeeded in deploying and implementing the system in 5 weeks. 


It all started with a meeting with all Axys Consultants entities. The company's associates expressed their desire to equip themselves to ensure optimal management of the business. The decision was made: Napta was to accompany them in this project! First step: initialization of the platform via the import of employee data and the history of past and current assignment . 


This second week was punctuated by the construction of an API connection between Napta and the CRM of Axys Consultants (Salesforce), in order to retrieve and display on the solution of assignment all the information related to commercial opportunities.


Because it is essential to an optimal assignment process: Napta's teams guided Axys Consultants in the construction of a complete skills map, thanks to the creation of a customized reference system for the company. 


Last straight line before the launch, Axys Consultants' partners are trained to use the platform by Napta's teams. The different workshops allow us to guarantee a Napta referent within each entity or business unit.  


After only 1 month of preparation, it is time to test the solution. Napta is used for the first time in a committee of assignment. The results of the latter are convincing, and the platform is finally opened to all Axys Consultants employees.

A deployment in record time! 

The challenge was therefore met with flying colors:

At Axys Consultants, we managed to acquire a global vision of the firm's activity thanks to the deployment of the Napta platform in less than 5 weeks. 

Lionel Bianchi
Associate Director, Head of HR & Brand at Axys Consultants

5 weeks to change everything

In 5 weeks, the processes of assignment Axys Consultants have changed. It has become easier for the teams to communicate with each other. As for the partners, they have gained visibility on the progress of the missions, the budgetary follow-up and the teams' workload. 

A change that rhymes with performance! And that's not something the Napta teams don't like, as they are always looking for a challenge and are delighted to make life easier for the managers assignment, the employees and the partners of Axys Consultants. 

The benefits observed

Rapid deployment
The speed of execution allowed the teams to adopt the new processes in no time. Not to mention saving precious time when embarking on new projects!
1 unique process for 9 business units
The management of the schedule is collective and collaborative. The software is global and intuitive, bringing an unprecedented ease of management to assignment .
Regular employee feedback
The digitalization of end-of-project evaluations opens the way to more communication. Employees feel listened to, supervised and are therefore more motivated!

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