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More transparent management of assignment thanks to a flexible solution

Gain in satisfaction
Gain in performance
Gain in visibility
Always with a view to surpassing themselves, the Napta teams made their expertise and know-how available to Artefact, with the aim of breathing new life into their process at assignment. The result? The deployment of a customized solution, which allowed Artefact to continue its growth with complete peace of mind.
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The challenge

Artefact is one of Napta's historical clients, those who chose to collaborate with us from the very beginning. A great proof of trust from a company that manages teams all over the world. Their hobby? Accompanying the digital transformation of companies, by relying on their data and AI. They transform promising companies into leaders!

In 2018, Artefact is experiencing unprecedented growth. The company then turned to Napta's services in order to pursue it serenely. At the time, two issues needed to be addressed. The first was to standardize the assignment process on an international scale. The second was to improve the management of the workload of the employees spread all over the world. 

An international challenge that did not scare the Napta teams. The results speak for themselves!

Artefact's challenges

The concerns of the Artefact group were linked to 4 central issues. The lack of transparency of assignment was causing tension and slowing down exchanges between assignment managers and employees. The quality of assignment was not optimal either, as some crucial data on employees (leave/absences/skills) were totally absent from the company's radar. As a result, managers assignment were losing valuable time on time-consuming tasks. At the same time, the workload was not in good shape: a solution had to be found to optimize it as soon as possible. 

How Napta transformed processes

The implementation of a solution dedicated to the management of assignment at Artefact has allowed for a smooth and lasting transformation of the company's processes. 

Napta has opted for an optimized process, in 4 key steps:

The results!

The cohesion and collaboration between the Artefact and Napta teams were the key to success, and the results lived up to expectations!

First of all, the software at assignment has enabled employees to gain autonomy and satisfaction. They have access to commercial opportunities in real time and position themselves via the Like system. 

In addition, the overall occupancy rate reached 80% with the possibility of building different scenarios of assignment, comparable and adjustable before being validated and ratified.

Finally, the quality of assignment has been optimized to the max! The assignment managers save precious time on a daily basis, ensuring that each project runs more smoothly. 

Employees feel more valued. The selection of profiles is made according to the skills and aspirations of each person. Their choices are taken into account and the staffers recruit motivated people who are looking for professional development. 

A full house!

With Napta, we have succeeded in increasing our assignment rates and saving time in the planning process. We can now also monitor in real time the financial margin of the sold missions on Napta. Moreover, we have gained in transparency since all our collaborators have a total visibility on the new opportunities of assignment of the firm and can apply for them.

Vincent Luciani
Co-founder & Global CEO at Artefact

Artefact transforms its process of assignment and it is a success!

Since the implementation of the solution, Artefact's teams have been working hand in hand with their employees. This is an essential step for this company, which has allowed it to maintain its stability and the confidence of its customers during its international expansion. Since the beginning of our collaboration, Artefact has continued to grow and develop. We are proud to accompany them in their success throughout the world.

Congratulations to them!  

The benefits observed

Gain in satisfaction
Artefact employees can position themselves faster on business opportunities. Finding THE dream assignment is done via Like. It's simple, fast and intuitive!
Gain in performance
Convincing figures! An internal recruitment simulator, thanks to the data collected via Napta, made it possible to guarantee a load rate of 70 to 80 for the profiles recruited.
Gain in visibility
The skills and aspirations of employees are visible at a glance. The steering committee makes decisions more quickly, in no time at all!

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