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A flexible and international management of assignment with the help of a collaborative planning

Saving of 20% of working time
A democratized access
A transversal platform
The assignment international project is very complex. Between finding the right collaborator (available AND competent), ensuring a coherent budget and meeting deadlines.... assignment can become a real headache. Wanting to get their performance off the ground, AirFrance KLM teams opened up in 2018 to new opportunities to improve their assignment process. Not only did they need to optimize the management of assignment, but they also needed to ensure the perfect symbiosis of data, from one country to another.
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Global calendar

The Air France KLM challenge

As a major player in international air transport, AirFrance KLM has developed an audit branch to improve its performance. However, the schedules linked to the audit missions lacked transparency. Indeed, the data was not updated automatically and the processes were not supervised. A real problem when teams have to coordinate from two different countries!

AirFrance KLM therefore decided to come and see if Napta would have a solution to ensure its take-off. 

AirFrance KLM's challenges

AirFrance KLM wanted to transform the processes of assignment. However, too much change can be detrimental if employees are not trained or lost on the new tool. 

His problem? Put an end to a rudimentary Excel file, to create more relevant, precise and collaborative schedules. At the same time, they also had to find a way to reduce the workload of assignment by creating a calendar entirely designed for their activity. The Napta teams thus faced three major challenges. 

The first was productivity. AirFrance KLM teams were spending too much time planning assignment from one country to another, using a simple Excel file... A mistake given the number of employees to manage and the lack of precious data (availability, skills, aspirations, etc.). It was time for a change of scenery!

The second was the international framework of the assignment process. Coordinating the managers assignment and the 30 employees from one country to another becomes easier. As a result, the employees feel more involved! They are more driven, positioning themselves on their favorite mission with a click. 

The third and final challenge concerned the creation of audits. Previously, the schedule was a neutral and unintelligent Excel file, blocking the fluidity of the project and the cooperation of the teams... Now, the data comes out in real time. 

Napta and AirFrance KLM worked hand in hand

In view of the international framework and the company's specific problems, it was necessary to create a tailor-made solution. The Napta teams took into account all the requests of the AirFrance KLM teams, resulting in not three, but five solutions. 

Establish a specification

Napta asked AirFrance KLM, via an exhaustive specification, to express their needs in terms of international planning management. The demands were numerous, but so were the solutions! 

Define a field of action

The customization of the assignment solution was co-constructed. The Napta teams brought their expertise, the AirFrance KLM teams their needs. The result is a customized solution, ready to take off!

Develop the planning functionality

In just 60 days, Napta created a customized schedule. The result: an international schedule, combining precision in terms of employee profiles and better cooperation between the managers at assignment in each country. 

Test and improve the tool on a daily basis

During a short month, the solution was tested in order to be integrated into the daily life of an international company. At the end, the planning functionality met all the expectations of the Air France KLM teams. 

Use the solution at full capacity 

Every week, the solution is used to plan missions and position the 30 employees across the two countries. 

Result of the races

The solution developed combines performance, productivity, intuitiveness... Facilitating the daily life of managers assignment at Air France, while allowing employees to position themselves on the missions they like best. 

After several months of use, the feedback is as good as the work done by Napta. In addition to a 20% saving on work time, employees have a democratized access to the schedule. The management of assignment becomes collaborative, while remaining agile due to its international environment. 

We collaborated with Napta to adapt the "planning" functionality to our specific needs. Today, thanks to the platform, I save 20% of my time dedicated to the management of assignment.

Michèle Barret
Internal Audit Manager - AirFrance KLM

AirFrance KLM's assignment has successfully taken off!

The assignment at AirFrance KLM has been revamped. The renewal of the assignment processes is certainly more complex, but at the same time it allows for much more data to be taken into account within the software. The analyzed data ensures, in fine, a more global vision of flight performance. This data has given AirFrance KLM teams a boost: they are saving 20% of their time to date in managing assignment . 

Napta's greatest achievement is to have developed a unique planning solution that does not exist anywhere else. So much so that the planning functionality is still used by all Napta customers!

The benefits observed

Saving of 20% of working time
The assignment planning for the year is shortened and the performance is on point.
A democratized access
The access to the planning of the missions of all the collaborators allows to better manage its projects. Availability is immediately included in the planning process!
A transversal platform
The assignment is managed internationally. As soon as an employee file is updated, the information is updated instantly. From France to the Netherlands, AirFrance KLM manages its schedule like a boss!

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