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Eight Advisory trusts PickYourSkills for its assignmentVertone entrusts PickYourSkills with its assignment and competency management
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With Napta, we can connect to our CRM and replace three tools in order to gain fluidity on resource assignment and to accompany the consultants in their career path at Bartle.

Patrick Nicolle
Founding partner

With Napta, we have accelerated the professionalization and digitization of our HR processes: we can now track the careers of all our consultants in a single tool and support them in their development at TNP. Napta is the ideal partner for conducting and monitoring our interviews, managing the skills and competencies of our employees, and highlighting our training approach.

Marine Normand
HR Manager

The new assignment process implemented with Napta is a source of satisfaction for all. Consultants can see potential future assignments and "apply" for them, project managers receive faster and more qualitative proposals for their projects and operations managers save time in processing resource requests.

Samir Sadaka
former VP & Director of Operations

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