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What is project planning?

September 15, 2021
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What is project planning?
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Project planning is nowadays confronted with new organisational problems in companies. For example, most companies are increasingly breaking down the barriers between their departments. As a result, they are mobilising project teams not according to the jobs of their employees, but rather according to their skills. This means that planning must be all the more rigorous. Let's take a look at how project planning is done today and on what human and technical basis. 


Definition of project planning 


Project planning is about setting up a method to achieve a goal and organising group work within a defined time frame.


Project planning in business involves putting in place :



For the project manager and all those who will be involved in the project, this planning enables them to manage their time. This is to ensure that a project can be put into production on time and within budget. But to plan a project effectively, a methodology and the right tools must be applied. 


Techniques for planning a project

Before a company can plan a project and achieve its objective while maximising its profitability, it must first understand what it needs.

Determine the scope of the project (time, cost, skills)

Any company project, whether it is a question of taking a step towards the digitalisation of its tools, or designing a new product, must be carried out within a predefined framework. 

Time is the first enemy of all projects, but making it an ally and respecting it can give both strength and motivation to teams. In addition, there are issues of financial cost (the longer you delay, the more expensive the project becomes), as well as the necessary skills to be brought into play. 

Pooling forces and key information 

Project planning also requires bringing together all the people with the skills to carry out the project. 

The project leader must also have overall visibility of the project members, their expertise and their working time.


The tools of project planning 

In order to choose a good project planning tool, you must first know your own expectations according to your activities and which solutions can meet them.


Define your needs and choose the right software 

Depending on the project's target, its scope and the possible obstacles of the employees, choose a tool that will facilitate your task upstream and thus the success of the project. Are its functionalities suitable for you? Which ones are important to you? Which software can improve your project planning? 

Beyond these questions, there is still one element to take into consideration when choosing a tool: its capacity to integrate the skills and availability of each person. 

Project planning with Napta 


Napta is a global solution from assignment that offers a project planning module, especially for companies organized in project mode. It takes into account all of the company's issues in terms of cost and time, but it also adds functionalities related to the competencies, skills and availability of employees. So you can plan your projects knowing exactly which profiles will constitute the best team. 


You want to know more about the uses of Napta? Our experts are at your disposal to discuss your objectives and challenges!

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