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What is the place of competence mapping in assignment ?

July 1, 2022
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What is the place of competence mapping in assignment ?
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Competency mapping is used to visualize, at a given moment, all the competencies acquired by the employees of a company. This picture allows us to determine and understand the different skills and knowledge of each employee. Mapping is not only used to list information. Its role is also to allow you to mobilize the right person on the right project at the right time. This makes it an independent but indispensable element in the sector of assignment. Napta makes the point in the center of this article! 

A quick reminder of what the assignment

Operations directors, managers assignment and HR managers all have the same task: to ensure that project planning in the company is consistent with the availability and skills of employees. This planning, also known as assignment, consists of positioning all employees on assignments according to the needs of the company and the criteria mentioned above, thus creating motivated and competent project teams. Although project teams are usually created before the start of an assignment, changes can be made during the project.


The link between skills mapping and assignment

Competency mapping is not just a reference document for managing your assignment. If it is done properly and with the right tools, it is a living and dynamic document. It constantly absorbs, saves and transmits all the information relating to staff skills (aspirations, level of expertise, etc.) that is essential for the implementation of each assignment. This is why, when a company works in project mode, it is essential to have a planning tool that integrates a dynamic skills map.

An interconnected tool

The first major advantage of a competency-based tool from assignment is that it allows managers and HR managers to communicate on the same platform. They can easily intervene, both on operational issues such as planning, but also on the follow-up and use of competences. But that's not all: employees also communicate about their skills, expertise levels and aspirations. This information contained in the competency map is taken into account by managers for the assignment. 

A regularly updated tool

Keeping your skills map up to date is essential to ensure the relevance of your project teams over time. By using the skills map for assignment, you make it easier for managers to update the skills map at the end of an assignment, as they know straight away which skills were used during the assignment. As a result, the map is always up to date and the data it contains is reliable.

A tool that offers more flexibility

By adopting a skills map within your company, you can make adjustments along the way to your project or changes as needed. You simply highlight everyone's skills and availability. 

This regular updating of employee profiles allows you to work with a variety of profiles. The network of your skills map is constantly changing and adapting over the years.

A tool that provides better visibility on the overall activity

Last but not least, the link between your competency map and the assignment provides visibility for your project. By linking the issues of assignment to the skills map, you keep a clear view of the skills in tension or critical. This gives you more flexibility:

Things to remember

While a skills map does not need assignment to exist, the reverse is more difficult. If, for small companies, an Excel skills map may suffice, it is essential to equip yourself with a project planning tool that allows you to staff your teams with an integrated skills map. For example, it quickly shows its limits in the context of assignment (it is not updated, not all employees have access to it, etc.). 

Mapping must be a connected, dynamic and flexible tool to be used within the framework of assignment. It is only thanks to a connected cartography, like the one of Napta, that you will be able to develop a assignment 100% efficient and operational.

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