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What is assignment ?
Resource management

What is assignment ?

Content manager
March 4, 2021
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Resource management: a definition

Behind assignment, also known as "planning", "resource management", "capacity planning" or "resource allocation", there is a simple definition: the art of assigning employees to company projects.

Originally assignment is a practice used mainly in service companies (consulting firms, IT services companies, SSII...), where positioning consultants on the right assignments is a key factor.

Today, while the term remains strongly associated with the consulting sector, more and moreagile companies are developing, sometimes without even realizing it, in-house assignment processes to meet the challenges of a project-based organization. 

What are the objectives of resource management? How can you improve your results using this approach? Let's take a closer look.

Resource management, the profitability driver for service companies 🚀

Optimal project teams, a prerequisite for performance

assignment has always been a central and critical issue in service organizations. If you work in one of these companies, chances are you have witnessed conflicts around assignment . It's not surprising when you consider that the performance and reputation of firms are closely linked to this.

Indeed, projects success, client satisfaction and company profitability largely depend on the quality of the project teams put together by the resource managers (or operations managers), whose objective is to provide each project manager with the most appropriate resources to carry out their assignment.  

This is a crucial task, but it is also very time-consuming for those in charge. It is therefore important to have a resource allocation software dedicated to this process. Indeed, in order to build the best possible project team, resource managers must take into account different criteria:

  • Mission criticality/prioritization
  • Employee capacity
  • Competencies required to successfully complete the project
  • Professional aspirations of the staff

Improve employee engagement by including them in the assignment process

Thus, assignment also appears as a human resources management concept at the crossroads between results, company policy and employee commitment. A good assignment software is a very powerful tool that can save time for your managers assignment and spare your employees from frustrations linked to the opacity of the processes, by making them actors of their assignment.

Managers assignment, by positioning employees on the company's various projects and missions, play a fundamental role in the professional development of employees. The assignment is the best way to accompany them in their progression thanks to the field experience. Napta's clients have understood this!

By focusing your resource management strategy on the career goals and development aspirations of your employees, you ensure their commitment and satisfaction. As a result, you reduce turnover, support your teams in developing their competencies, retain your talents and build your employer brand. And all this (in part) thanks to resource management!

The importance of resource management in agile companies ✨

Working in project mode implies managing your resources

For a few years now, the race for agility has been pushing companies - regardless of their sector of activity - to change their internal organization to "project mode". This internal operation offers new possibilities (such as cross-assignment for example), but also implies a new objective for managers and human resources managers: create the best team for a given project. 

To guarantee the success of a project, each team must bring together employees who are:

  • motivated and interested in the project
  • competent and/or willing to develop their competencies
  • available for the duration of the project

The art of assigning employees to the appropriate projects is therefore essential. The techniques used by service companies are applicable by human resources managers in any industry. Although profitability is not as much linked to human resources planning, the satisfaction of project sponsors and employees remain a key objective for executives.  

Resource management leads to more ambitious HR policies

The assignment, beyond allowing the creation of project teams, is a notion that is inseparable from the management of skills, mobility and career development. In short, assignment is a central concept in management and human resources management. 

By building on the competencies and aspirations of your employees and assigning them to teams, you give them the opportunity to progress towards their goals and develop their careers.  

Assignment processes, when implemented throughout the organisation and combined with transparent access to information, help you break down silos between departments. You can ensure that projects are cross-functional and, as a result, effective and motivated project teams are created, regardless of the department from which the employees come.

To go further: the importance of using expert software for your assignment process

As we explained above, assignment is a process that affects your entire company, from the motivation of your teams to customer satisfaction and the overall performance of your company, regardless of your field of activity. In the same way as for the management of customers and prospects (CRM), the follow-up of time and costs on a project (ERP) or the management of vacations (HRIS), your process of assignment must be supported by a software of assignment, digitized and perfectly integrated into your existing IT system. 

Do you want to facilitate the management of your teams and the creation of project teams in your company? Napta accompanies you in the implementation of an optimal assignment !

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