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The place of assignment in project planning in a service company

March 1, 2022
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The place of assignment in project planning in a service company
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assignment, means project planning! It's only logical that companies should resort to a dedicated project planning solution. And while service companies (consulting firms, IT services companies, IT services companies, etc.) are the specialists in this field, not all of them have yet adopted these two tools. In this article, we take a look at the place of assignment, at the heart of project planning, in service companies. 

The assignment, a key step in project planning? 

assignment and project planning cannot be separated from each other. The assignment is based on a simple objective: to position employees in the company's projects. Project planning consists of organising group work within a defined period of time to achieve the objectives.

While the method may seem simple on the surface, many service companies start out without appropriate assignment software. The result: the assignment process becomes time-consuming, with inconsistencies and information not being reported in time. The consequences of a bad assignment are quickly visible. The staff in position are not competent in the subject or not available, and so the project falls behind schedule. In the end, the objectives and deadlines set are not met... Mistakes that slow down any project. 

Eine Projektplanungssoftware muss daher unbedingt die Möglichkeit bieten, ein qualitativ hochwertiges Projekt-Staffing durchzuführen. 

The role of assignment in project planning

Hier sind fünf Gründe, warum es von entscheidender Bedeutung ist, sich mit einem leistungsfähigen Projektplanungstool auszustatten:

Have a global vision of your project in real time

Your project is always framed: but do you have real visibility on all the actors in the project? The budget committed or to be released? The actors present and those to come? 

This is where your project planning software comes in. It offers a global view of the skills, the players in the market and the current constraints. You know what activities are being carried out by the players and you optimise your assignment throughout the project thanks to a perfect overview of everyone's skills and availability. 

Boosting company productivity

Reducing manual and time-consuming tasks means increasing productivity! At least, this is what every manager who implements a software solution in his company is looking for. If this is not true enough in the working world, project planning cannot flourish without the right software. 

Mitarbeiter in der Personalverwaltung, der Betriebsleitung sowie Staffing-Manager verwenden anfangs oft Excel-Tabellen für ihre Aufgaben. Im Laufe der Zeit wird jedoch deutlich, dass Informationen schnell verloren gehen, durcheinander geraten oder falsch eingegeben werden. Dies beeinträchtigt das Projekt und kann durchaus irreversible Folgen haben. Mit der Einführung eines modernen, digitalen Tools in Ihre Workflows erhalten Sie einen besseren Überblick über Ihre personellen Ressourcen. Verfügbarkeiten und Kompetenzen ihrer Mitarbeiter können mit wenigen Klicks abgerufen werden.  

Find the right collaborator and integrate them into the project easily

Project planning requires the use of the most relevant staff before and during the project. In order to find the right profile, software from assignment is indispensable. You will find important information in this software:

Your project planning becomes much simpler, with all these elements in hand. 

Managing your resources and budget with a firm hand

Your employees may be assigned to one or more tasks. Some may require a large amount of time, others may not. Or you may need several members of your team to manage your projects. Or you may need to recruit, requiring time from your HR department and new data to be entered into the software at assignment, etc. 

By combining all this data in a planning software, you can optimise your working time. You gather all the elements in time and plan the right budget. This makes it easier for you to allocate resources, determine the actual time of occupancy of teams, etc. 

Analyze its performance indicators assignment

The last key point of a assignment software: the analysis of its indicators! At the end of a project, it is not enough to take stock of the budget or the team's feelings. It is important to understand what the high added value points were. You can find other indicators such as the time taken to complete each mission (ahead of schedule, right on time, behind schedule, etc.), the workload of each member of staff, the progress made on the skills mobilised, etc. 

Things to remember

assignment software does not supplant project planning software. On the contrary, the two tools complement each other. They add value to each other and boost performance. Scheduling software is essential to a company's performance, and it's vital that it be able to manage assignment and employee skills.

It is in the interest of service companies to get started, in order to improve productivity, performance and communication at all levels.

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