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Resource management tool: 3 arguments to convince your employees to use it

June 3, 2022
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Resource management tool: 3 arguments to convince your employees to use it

Change is good, but you still need to persuade your staff. The integration of new software always raises questions and concerns. The same is true when it comes to integrating a company-wide tool from assignment , which replaces the individual habits and processes of each manager. Habits die hard and you can already expect a lot of contention about its integration. In this article, we give you 3 hard-hitting arguments to convince your employees to integrate the resource management tool. 

You facilitate communication between employees and project managers 

Assignment is not just a simple schedule thing. The assignment process covers a number of issues: task allocation, numerous internal email exchanges and exchanges with employees, ironclad organisation, etc. But who has never had emails to deal with? Employee files that pile up, without any real visibility of their skills? The impossibility of exchanging information on potential employees for the project in time? 

The resource management tool brings this central notion of communication to the project. By centralising all the important information, you ensure simplified exchanges: instant email alerts, the possibility of liking each project, notification of a request or question from a collaborator or employee of the company, etc. Everything is done to ensure an increase in productivity and the fluidity of exchanges. 

What's more, your resource management tool centralises all project and employee information in one place. Employees, project managers, HR and management all have access to the same information in real time and can communicate more easily on the basis of a weak and up-to-date database.

You optimise the organisation and workload via a global tool

A resource management tool is your first ally in :

From an organisational point of view, your resource management tool allows you to see how projects are distributed among your employees. In a few minutes, you can check whether a project has been completed or a new assignment started, whether an employee has not been positioned in time, or is noted as being unavailable during the project period, etc.

What does this mean? HR, project managers or operational staff save precious time. They have a real-time overview of the progress of the project and the participation of everyone. 

What's more, by saving time on positioning staff, managers can deal with more sensitive issues on assignment. For example, is the budget allocated the right one? Do you need more money or do you still have financial resources available? Your resource management tool will quickly shed light on these questions. 

Your resource management tool highlights your employees' strengths

Last but not least, your resource management tool highlights your employees' strengths. Your employees have access to a common tool and can fill in all the useful information for their future recruitment. They are more autonomous and, above all, active on the platform. By giving them more power over their profile, you offer them a stronger commitment than a simple call with HR, without visibility on the transcription of their profile. 

This access to the resource management tool allows them to take into account:

Your employees have access to all this consolidated data. A resource management tool also offers you the possibility of classifying and compartmentalising each skill on a company-wide rating scale. In this way, you do not risk any unpleasant surprises, since the employee's skills are evaluated beforehand and can be modified at the end of the project. 

Let’s sum up!

The installation of a resource management tool in your company can raise many questions. The three previous arguments support one main idea: the assignment tool ensures better project collaboration. By developing a 360° view of the issues, the employees positioned, the tasks and the time of each mission... HR, operations or assignment managers have all the keys in hand to successfully complete each project. 

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