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Service companies, how to establish your workload plan?

January 4, 2022
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Service companies, how to establish your workload plan?

Project management in service companies is based on a workload plan that is as close to reality as possible. It details precisely the material needs, but also the budgetary expenditure and the estimated time spent on the project by each employee. However, if it is not carried out properly and not followed by all the employees, the repercussions on your profitability or the progress of the project can be fatal.

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Monitoring the individual workload of employees

First of all, build your specifications

Your workload plan can take various forms (dynamic reporting, Excel table, graph, etc.). However, it must be based on precise criteria to be constructive and usable in the development and monitoring of all your projects. Therefore, it is recommended that you start creating specifications, with the aim of finding the best possible workload planning tool.

Building your specifications

Your specifications should correspond in every respect to your expectations. It is advisable to devote a whole day, or an intensive half-day, to drafting it, so that all the issues linked to the management of your company's capacity emerge. You should ask yourself the following questions: What are the keys to your company's success to date? What are the causes of the slowdown in its performance? How can you avoid them? What tools have been put in place to date and what are their limitations? 

It is important to bring together all the representatives of the areas concerned by the development of your project: operations managers or assignment, operations directors and managers or project leaders. Through a brainstorming session in which you put all your thoughts on the table, you will define your needs and your objectives. 

The elements to be visualised in your workload plan

Here are some of the elements that should be identifiable with a load plan:

Carry out predictive simulations

The workload plan is a key element in ensuring the smooth running of any project. It allows you to centralise, consolidate and organise all the data necessary for the smooth running of your missions and helps you to carry out your projects successfully.

When you create your workload plan, it should allow you to simulate different project set-up scenarios. The aim is for you to make the best decisions, in the light of staff availability and skills, future business opportunities and project prioritisation.

In addition, your forecast workload plan allows you to simulate a forecast budget, between the allocated budget and the time spent by your employees on the project. You compare it with the budgets and the actual time spent, thus calculating the exact margin and profitability of the projects. This allows you to fine-tune the budgets and therefore the profitability of the projects, ensuring that the best decisions are made in the future.

Project management: to know! 

The management of your project must be handled with a firm hand: flexible enough to be prepared for any eventuality, but firm enough to make the right decisions. This is a real headache for many managers at assignment !

Napta's advice

A tool adapted to the management of your workload is an important ally. The teams at assignment, or the project manager, bear a heavy responsibility on their backs. A poorly managed or badly coordinated workload plan has financial consequences for the company. 

Our advice? Equip yourself with software that is adapted to your service business, either :

In addition to good organisation, leave yourself some room for manoeuvre! Your project may face new obstacles along the way. Don't forget to leave room for unforeseen financial investments. 

To conclude

Your workload planning tool should frame your project: keeping it before, during and analysing it after your project improves the performance of your teams. Always plan to have one or two people ready to take over the project and make sure that all client deliverables are in line with client expectations. With this kind of organisation overseeing all your projects, you can fine-tune your performance to deliver a better customer experience.

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