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What features should your resource management software have?
Resource management

What features should your resource management software have?

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July 20, 2023
4 min

Hardly a month goes by without the release of a new resource management tool. Today, there are so many solutions for managing your resources that it's a real challenge to find the right tool for your consulting firm or your company. to find the right tool for your consulting firm or your company. IT services companies.

As Napta navigates this ecosystem of software from assignment, we are uniquely placed to help you make the right choice.

But we don't believe in an exhaustive comparison of the hundreds of tools on the planet. Instead, our team has concocted a short list of the features you absolutely must find in the software designed to support your resource management approach.

Let's explore these three essential features together!

All your data at assignment

You may be wondering why we're starting this selection of features by talking about data once again, rather than more operational elements such as planning, for example.

Well, that's because we believe that any consultancy firm or IT services companies wishing to professionally manage its resources must start by ensuring that it is able to collect and then process the vast amount of information arising from its day-to-day consultancy activity.

If we start at the beginning, before you allocate any resources - human, technological and/or financial - to customer projects, you need to know which ones are available and can be mobilized.

Once you've launched your project, your information gathering doesn't stop. Quite the contrary, in fact. 

This type of project systematically leads to late delivery. A certain category of skills is always in short supply. Given the variety of data and the multiplicity of sources, it will be impossible to gather and analyze them by hand. This is one of the roles of your resource management software.

With just a few clicks, your resource management tool should be able to centralize all data relating about your employees and customer projects. The aim: to inform future decisions on the basis of reliable, up-to-date information.

No more double entries or errors of any kind, regarding availability, skills and interest in certain types of project.

Instead, it's your ability to suggest the most appropriate collaborators to your assignment manager, and to react to the slightest deviation from your projects in terms of time or budget. And all this... thanks to data.

Resource management software to create tailor-made teams and meticulously monitor their projects

Your resource management software should give you a 360° view of your total availability and skills , as well as those available and interested in the mission you want to staff.

This functionality, which seems so simple, actually requires a real technical and business understanding on the part of resource management software publishers, in order to provide you with the most complete profile database possible, both in terms of volume, including freelancers, and in terms of granularity.

Employee aspirations, skills acquired and difficulties encountered on previous assignments are all elements that need to be collected and integrated into the analysis provided by your assignment tool.

Once you have the appropriate profiles, you should be able to simulate assignment scenarios.

These scenarios will then be put to the test in the field, and here again, your resource management software must enable you to adjust your project schedules in real time.

Napta, for example, enables you to modify your consultants' assignments in real time, avoiding potential conflicts between two competing staffings in the calendar.

A resource management solution to help your consultants develop their skills

Beyond the assignment process itself, you need resource management software that makes your consultants' day-to-day work easier. 

By simplifying your consultants' self-assessment, communication with their managers via end-of-assignment reports or annual appraisals, and by enabling them to highlight their training or development wishes for a given assignment, your assignment tool must be their operational ally.

With all data centralized in the resource management software, you can track the skills of your teams by updating your skills map in real time.

The skills evolution of your consultants thus becomes an additional element integrated into the reporting provided by your resource management solution, alongside traditional performance indicators such as TACE, sales or the profitability of your various assignments. All enable you to measure the ROI of your resource management approach.

Things to remember

Resource management software is a true operational ally , and should be seen as such. And to do this, it needs to provide you with three sets of essential functionalities: the ability to collect and analyze data, the ability to create ad hoc project teams and then meticulously monitor their execution, and finally, the ability to take real account of your consultants and their aspirations and skills.

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