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Project planning: a real lever for retaining consultants

August 19, 2022
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Project planning: a real lever for retaining consultants

Within the framework of project planning, service companies must act quickly to find the right consultants, mobilize them, ensure the follow-up of their missions... Managers of assignment, operations or human resources must sometimes manage hundreds of people. This is a real challenge, especially since the arrival of the new generations on the job market. The expectations and requirements of consultants have evolved and they no longer have only salary demands. 

It is in the interest of service companies to take into consideration these new demands related to QWL, CSR, professional career development and learning... At the risk of losing their consultants, the real driving force behind all projects.

Project planning: concrete operational measures

Numerous performance indicators are listed in your software at assignment : budget consumed per project, turnover achieved, time spent... But you also have precious information about the desires and interests of your consultants. Here are a few tips on how to decipher them and use them wisely for a good project planning: 

Aspirations and interests... Or reading between the lines

In order to hire and retain their teams, it is imperative that service companies take into account information other than availability and skills when planning projects. In particular, they need to look at the aspirations of employees and their interest in the assignments they are offered at assignment. 

To do this, you need to be able to collect this information. Make sure that your assignment tool allows your teams to declare the skills they wish to develop, to set up evaluations or feedbacks after each mission and to make visible the commercial opportunities to come. This way, your consultants can easily express their aspirations, their wishes for evolution and their interest in the projects to be led.

Career opportunities to engage and motivate employees

It is not uncommon for service companies to offer the same types of missions to an employee, year after year, without taking into account his or her desire for evolution or change. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why employees feel obliged to leave their company: they do not see how they can develop their career within it. However, 3 levers can easily be used to prevent this turnover. 

In addition to being transparent about upcoming missions and allowing consultants to notify their interest in them, it is essential to take this into account in the assignment. With the same skills and availability, opt for a collaborator who has expressed an interest in the project to be staffed. And if, for one reason or another, a collaborator could not be positioned on the project of his choice, it is imperative to take the time to explain your decision to him. This way, you avoid frustration and simply maintain the dialogue! 

Another lever not to be neglected for your project planning: set up a personalized career policy. Be transparent about the positions and possibilities for internal development, as well as the skills to be acquired to achieve them. When your consultants express the wish to move up or change position, you can position them on assignments that will help them reach their objective, within the framework of assignment.  

This naturally leads us to the third lever: training and skills development. You have everything to gain when you offer your consultants training to help them improve their skills. Your teams are always at the cutting edge of knowledge in your sector and can learn on a daily basis. In short, when you respond to the need and desire for training of your employees, you can prepare a training plan with the objective of developing them within your company. But that's not all! You consolidate his knowledge for the benefit of your projects. He is more likely to be mobilized in the future on a project that interests me. You reinforce their commitment to you and their performance over the long term. 

Talent retention cannot be improvised... It must be provoked!

Operations managers, managers assignment, or the human resources department should not only consider the employee's resume. There are many factual reasons why employees leave service organizations: lack of interest in the assignment, lack of visibility into career development, non-existent training plans, etc.  

In order to ensure the retention of consultants, it is necessary to build up mutual trust by valuing the employees in the context of project planning. In this way, you will naturally achieve a maximum level of commitment and performance!

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