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assignment  software: the 3 objectives to be met by this tool
Resource management

assignment software: the 3 objectives to be met by this tool

Agathe Placet
Content manager
January 9, 2023
4 min

The software for assignment software must support operations directors, managers assignment and HR managers in planning and managing projects. But not only that! A good software must ensure the maximum performance of the teams on the missions carried out, guarantee the profitability of the projects and make it possible to engage the collaborators. In this article, Napta takes stock of these 3 objectives that your software must integrate assignment.  

Create effective project teams

The software of assignment is a real mine of information about your employees. Thanks to it, you can : 

➡️ Assemble project teams quickly

Who is available? Who is particularly interested in a project? What are their skills (between core and cross-cutting)? All these questions can be confronted in the software of assignment, speeding up the decision making. In the blink of an eye, you can see who is available and competent and quickly create the team for your assignment.

➡️ Create quality teams vis-à-vis constraints .

But that's not all. With the right skills, teams are ready to succeed in their mission. The software at assignment makes it easy to create teams that meet all the criteria. The expertise of each team member brings real added value to meet the client's needs. 

➡️ E stablish the best assignment, for your teams as well as your client .

The possibilities for creating the best collaborations are multiple! The software brings out the best proposals between the skills, availability, GST, but also the aspirations and interests of your employees. In the light of all this information, you can be sure to make the best decision at assignment, for your client as well as your collaborators. 

➡️ Anticipate resource needs.

With all the data aligned, you can see not only the load on your teams, but also the obsolescence of the skills to come. It's time to prepare for recruitment or to train internally, for a serene mission and satisfied customers. 


Guarantee the profitability of projects

The tool of assignment is your best asset to compare all your data at the moment: availability of employees, skills, TJM, budget, etc.

➡️ You maximize your margins by tailoring the CJM

Looking for specific skills, but not touching your margins? You must be careful to respect your CJM! The latter is often the main reason why your budget is exceeded. Finding the right collaborator is the one who has the right skills to carry out the mission and who respects the client's CJM. Maximizing the CJM means ensuring performance with the least amount of resources. 

➡️ You achieve a much better planning

Good planning means respecting the CJM, but not only that! Good planning allows you to take stock of the overall budget: what are your margins? Do you have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong? Do you have a backup solution at hand if your consultant stops the mission? Your assignment tool allows you to avoid slippage and budget overruns as much as possible. 

➡️ You lose fewer resources through intercontracting 

The intercontract is THE ideal moment to take advantage of your consultant's free time to train him/her on a particular skill. Why? Because it becomes easier to position him on missions that interest him. What's more, adding new skills to your consultant's skill set is the best way to increase his or her ARR. Your collaborator is more efficient and more profitable, for clients who call him back on a next mission. 

👉 The software at assignment allows you to sort out at a glance, make decisions faster (but not hurry though) and make fewer overall mistakes. It's a solution that ensures profitability, as keeping budgets is made easier. 


Engaging employees

The software of assignment engages the employees in your company. This one: 

➡️ You integrate career aspirations and interests

The employee can express his interest in a sector of activity, a position... By taking into account his desires for his professional career, he feels heard. It is up to HR to ensure that the right training is put in place and to guide the employee to the right assignments. 

➡️ You optimize your training plans andupskilling according to your needs of assignment

The software at assignment shows you the resources you have available. Do you find that key skills are missing for an upcoming assignment? Training plans are THE time to ensure retention of your employees, before turning to the more expensive recruitment. 

➡️ You bet on a transparentassignment , with consultants who are actors of their assignment

You gain visibility on the sales pipeline, on the missions, with the possibility of expressing your interest in them. The software of assignment allows you to stop staffing consultants blindly. These are chosen to attract and select the best among those of your network. 

Conclusion: a global solution

The software of assignment allows togo further than the creation of project teams. Its 3 objectives, the creation of efficient teams, guaranteeing the profitability of the projects and the commitment of the collaborators, demonstrate that it is a transversal solution. By filling in all the boxes, it considerably improves the individual and global performance of each employee.

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