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How to transform the intercontract into an opportunity thanks to assignment ?

December 14, 2022
4 min
How to transform the intercontract into an opportunity thanks to assignment ?
Agathe Placet
Content Manager

Theintercontract is often perceived as a period of floating for a consultant. And this creates frustrations as well on the side of the company as of the consultant. The company is affected on its economic profitability. The consultant is brought to question his company. Indeed, this one seems not to seize its acquired competences, or to propose plans of formation to acquire new ones. The intercontract is the risk to see his retention rate drop... And therefore to lose his talents . 🦹 

Nevertheless, the picture is not so dark if you know how to turn the intercontract into an opportunity thanks to assignment. 🥸 How? Napta explains it to you in this article!

Optimize your assignment to limit intercontracting

The periods of inter-contracts are very easy to predict if its process of assignment is well developed. Having a clear and well-defined process upstream allows you to quickly identify employees who will be without an assignment in the coming months. 

To ensure that you are always one step ahead and visible on your assignment, we recommend that you implement the following elements:

Three elements that make the difference in sharing and transmitting information,anticipation and conflict resolution

At Capgemini Invent, for example , each business unit appoints an operations manager, who acts as a reference assignment for a population of 150 to 200 consultants. At Ekimetrics, a group of 10 people takes into account the requirements of the business and the wishes of each individual for their professional future. At TNP Consultants, partners and consultants in intercontract meet regularly to find missions on which to position themselves. 

Anticipation is the key word for taking stock of the objectives - always through dialogue and communication, of course. 

Transforming the incompressible into an opportunity

Let's face it:inter-contracting is always lurking in the shadow of a company. Since it is impossible to avoid it, it is necessary to prepare for it in the best conditions. 

If not, the risk is that your consultant will suffer from bore-out - boredom between assignments. The consequences can be serious for the company, leading to increased turnover, damage to the employer brand, loss of money and time in recruitment... 

In the 2017INRS decryption, "BORE-OUT OR ENNUI, AT WORK: DISMANTLING THE TRUE FROM THE FALSE," the finding is stark. Consultants who suffer from bore-out do not find the right balance between passion and boredom, challenge and ease. The table opposite is a perfect illustration 👇

Your consultant has free time, but it is necessary to findmissions which have sense not to give him the feeling to waste his time. This is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for the company, which must find a transversal mission, neither too easy nor too hard, neither too boring nor too challenging

To find interesting and rewarding missions, why not propose to the consultant : 

  1. To work on the firm's internal projects . For example, participating in the construction of new offers, setting up the employee NPS, organizing brainstorming sessions on the company's policy regarding telecommuting, etc. 
  2. To propose continuous professional training, in order to increase skills. Thus, time is not wasted, on the contrary: the consultant has progressed for the next mission!
  3. To share your experience and know-how with new recruits? Or to participate in rewarding programs as part of an original project or association? 

At Napta, we had the pleasure to propose a webinar with Félix de Monts, CEO of Friday ! This platform offers the possibility to transform the intercontract by participating and debating around CSR topics, social and environmental issues. A good way to ensure a transversal project that enhances the consultant's for the consultant's professional career, as well as to optimize his time in human projects that take him out of his daily routine.

Results on performance and profitability

With proper management of assignment, inter-contracting can become a key element for many companies. Indeed, by putting intercontracting at the heart of its strategy :

As a result, surrounded by close-knit, motivated and trained teams, the company saves on taxes. It no longer needs to recruit new talent every year. It trains them while ensuring their loyalty. Two birds with one stone!

Valuing intercontracting is all about looking to the future

The intercontract is not an empty period in the professional career of the consultant. At least, it is necessary to make sure that it is not. 

Intercontracting is above all an opportunity to increase your skills, to enhance your professional experience, to work on cross-functional internal projects... It is in the company's best interest to take an interest in this subject, as the returns are beneficial, both for its turnover and its reputation .

Intercontracting is above all about giving meaning to one's work, living an enriching experience, and returning ultra-motivated to the corporate world.  

Would you like to find out more? We've got plenty of resources to help you go further.

To complement this topic, read our report "6 tips to make your consultants attractive again".

See also our guides, templates and checklists in the Resources tab.

See you soon at Napta!

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