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How to ensure the deployment of competency mapping in large companies?
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How to ensure the deployment of competency mapping in large companies?

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July 24, 2022
5 min

According to a report by Dell and the Institute of the Future, approximately 85% of the jobs of 2030 have not yet been created. Human resources have a major challenge in the years to come: to identify and update the skills of employees within the company, in order to ensure the evolution of jobs and the mobility of teams. However, deploying a skills management tool within a large company seems tedious. Indeed, collecting skills, gathering them and updating them regularly can be difficult as soon as the workforce exceeds 50 employees...

At Napta, we take the challenge to convince you otherwise. Here is our 5-step program to successfully deploy a competency map in large companies. 


Inventory of your needs

The construction of a competency map cannot be improvised. At Napta, before launching into the creation of a customized map, we accompany you to establish your needs and desires. 

To do this, we establish a complete specification, combined with an audit of your needs. This specification lists all the software that you currently use within the company, all the data necessary for the company's operation, etc. While the audit of your needs gathers all the functionalities and options that you would like to see appear in your skills mapping software. 

At Napta, this is the very first step in building a skills map, 100% in line with the company's processes. 

Data consolidation

The second step to successfully start your competency mapping, is the consolidation of data. According to the study of your specifications, your company operates with many tools (CRM, HRIS, ATS, ERP, etc.). Far from neglecting them, you must integrate all this data into your new software. 

Following the extraction and definition of the data flows, you must create your skills repository. This repository is essential in order to establish the functionalities you need. It also limits, thanks to the extraction of data, the errors of seizure, the double seizure of information, etc. 

Testing the solution

This stage includes the multiplication of tests by your teams, in order to verify the compatibility of the software with the specifications and the audit, as well as the ease of use (user path, etc.). During this crucial stage, a sample of users test the skills map. This ensures that the software responds effectively to all their requests. 


Deployment of the solution 

All tests have been tested by your teams. The technical teams have done their part. It's time to deploy your skills map! In order not to rush the new users, the testers are designated as ambassadors. They are trained by the Napta technical teams. Their main mission will be to participate in the training of the different divisions of the company regarding the management and use of the solution.

As soon as the solution is used by the ambassadors, the tool is launched throughout the company. All employees of the company have access to the solution. 


Competency mapping evolves with the company's business!

As soon as the solution is deployed within the company, you keep in touch with Napta's technical teams. And because we know that your company evolves, so does our software! Indeed, you have the possibility to update the skills repository within your mapping according to the evolution of your company. Moreover, our technical services remain at your disposal if you wish to add new features. 

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