How much does a resource management tool cost and what ROI can you expect?
Resource management

How much does a resource management tool cost and what ROI can you expect?

Agathe Placet
Content manager
September 29, 2023
4 min

Resource management is a core element of IT services companies and consulting firms, and plays a decisive role in the success of their assignments. Investing in a assignment tool promises a more efficient allocation of resources, and ultimatelya higher ROI

But isn't that what any business tool promises? But this one is different, because it's intrinsically linked to your consulting business.

So what are the costs involved? What are the benefits of such a solution? How can I be sure that my investment will pay off (ROI)?

Let's take a look together. 

Investing to reap the rewards assignment

Resource management is both crucial and demanding, due to its protean nature. The typology of resources is particularly vast and encompasses many factors. Take the case of assignment : we need to take into account the skills, availability and career aspirations of our employees. 

If you run or work for a IT services companies or a consulting firm, you're already well aware of the challenges involved. 

Like any other service company, IT consulting and services companies can be confronted with changing customer demands. This is all the more true in fields undergoing profound and rapid change, such as digital. 

This calls for unfailing adaptability, all the more so in a highly competitive environment. TACE (Taux d'Activités Congés Exclus) is an additional concern: how can we limit consultant inactivity? 

Faced with this complexity, the digitalizationof assignment presents a host of opportunities for mastering resource management. Today's digital tools provide a detailed analysis of available skills and market needs, and facilitate the necessary adjustments. 

This ability to streamline and optimize the process is transforming the landscape of the assignmentfor a significant ROI in many respects.  

What ROI can you expect from a assignment project?

To illustrate the benefits of using assignment, let's take the example of a fictitious company. Let's call it ConsultHub.

ConsultHub is a consulting firm employing a large number of consultants. In order to better manage the allocation of resources (in particular personnel), the company decided to invest in a solution of assignment

Thanks to this resource management software,IT services companies can identify a mismatch between skills and assignments or opportunities. The solution highlights a lack of DevOps expertise. Rather than recruiting externally, ConsultHub provides targeted training to upskill teams. A double gain: in competitiveness and in talent retention

This enables the consultancy firm to be more efficient in its resource management: every euro spent is more judiciously allocated, for a higher ROI. This is how ConsultHub achieves a better margin:IT services companies anticipates its needs six months in advance and avoids three costly recruitments, preferring to reallocate consultants to the right projects. 

Improving resource management and overall efficiency has a tangible impact on customer satisfaction and employee retention: consultants get assignments that match their skills and professional ambitions, and customers appreciate receiving deliverables on time. 

But how does ConsultHub measure the ROI and profitability of its investment in a assignment solution?

Thanks to the tool itself, which provides detailed KPIs tailored to your resource management needs and objectives (occupancy rate, customer satisfaction, turnover, etc.).

As you can see from ConsultHub 's example, a resource management tool is synonymous with cost reduction andincreased operational efficiency, by eliminating the most common resource management errors

However, you need to be clear about the investments you'll need to make to equip yourself with such a solution. 

What investments are needed for a assignment a successful

Several investments of varying sizes are required: 

  • Initial costs: the purchase of a license or monthly/annual subscription represents the most significant financial investment. Additional costs can be added according to your needs, for example if you need to customize the tool. 
  • Operational costs: in addition to subscription fees, think about maintenance (regular updates) and technical support. 
  • Time investment: training is often required to set up the solution, and regular sessions may be necessary to integrate new functionalities and best practices. Some resource management tools (such as Napta) have the advantage of being intuitive and quick to learn, which minimizes training time. 
  • Scaling costs : as your IT services companies grows, it includes more consultants, more missions, more processes, etc., etc... Upgrading the tool can generate additional expenses here too. 

In order to invest the right amount for your needs and budget, it's advisable to turn to a tool with progressive pricing. Such is the case with Napta

We offer 5 stand-alone modules (assignment , performance management, appraisals, etc.) which you can combine to create the most appropriate solution. 

The final price depends on the modules you choose and the number of users. The price of our solution therefore varies from a few euros to several dozen euros per month and per user.  

To remember

The adoption of a assignment tool is an essential strategic step for the resource management of your IT services companies or consulting firm. 

Such a solution creates a better match between consultants' skills and assignments, optimizes costs and, ultimately, delivers a high ROI.

But to take full advantage of these benefits, companies need to be aware of the various investments associated with implementing such tools, such as initial costs, time spent on training and other additional expenses. 

We therefore advise you to opt for a scalable solution, such as Naptawhich ensures constant adaptation to changing needs, thus guaranteeing excellent value for money.

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