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5 preconceived ideas about the resource planning software, a must-have tool for organizations in project mode

July 20, 2022
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5 preconceived ideas about the resource planning software, a must-have tool for organizations in project mode
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If you're looking for the definition of software assignment software on Google, you'll get some concrete information about how the interface works. However, despite numerous articles on the subject, we're surprised to see the same clichés reappear about assignment software. It's a tough one! We decided to create this article to do it justice. And also to stop confusing assignment software with other types of software... Find out more in this article! 

1st preconceived notion: the resource management software is only for resource managers


The resource management software is not only reserved to the resource management. It is generally used by different actors in the company, who benefit from it in the context of project management, such as the employee, the management committee, but also :

The tool allows you to centralize all data related to the global and individual workload of your employees. You can visualize all available resources and prioritize your projects accordingly. In addition, you can develop your business by anticipating your needs for future projects.

assignment software enables you to centralize all information concerning the skills and aspirations of your teams, and to visualize their impact on business and operations. This enables you to put the information in your HRIS into perspective with the reality on the ground, and put in place the best training and mobility plans. And, of course, you'll be able to increase employee commitment. 

The centralization of information allows you to save time in expressing your needs in terms of project team and allows you to make precise and complete requests. Your requests are automatically sent to your manager assignment who can quickly respond. The development of the activity is consequently faster, ensuring a productivity and a high performance!

The software also allows team members to have a clear view of the team's composition. In addition, all employees can easily identify the missions that interest them as well as the possibilities for developing their skills, which promotes transparency and autonomy for employees in the process of assignment.

Of course,all of these clusters are not opaque to each other.By nature, the assignment software is accessible to all to enable 360 collaboration.

Software from assignment is therefore an important tool for simplifying the tasks of staffing requirements planning, project staffing, skills development and competency management. In doing so, it is useful to companies of all sizes in maximizing project performance. Choose a supplier offering flexible pricing structures and user-friendly on-boarding processes, so that you can benefit quickly and fully from the software's advantages. It's important that employees and managers always have the opportunity to communicate with each other face-to-face. However, project dispatching software can improve communication by providing a central platform for managing information and requests.

2nd preconceived notion: it is a software that is not connected to the other tools of the company


The resource management software is used in the framework of project management. In this sense, if it were not connected to the other tools of the company, it would not be able to take into account all the data necessary for planning. 

The assignment manager would then have to double-enter the information into the assignment tool by hand, which would be counterproductive. Not to mention that keeping the database up to date would quickly become time consuming. The resource management software can be connected to different company tools: CRM, ERP, HRIS, LMS, ATM, ATS... At Napta, our teams take care of including the interfaces during the deployment of the software in your company.

3rd preconception: it is difficult to deploy and update


The implementation of a new tool, such as assignment software, can be a source of considerable concern for larger organizations. These concerns are linked to work habits, which can be profoundly changed: new tools to learn, new processes, new databases, etc. 

Aber keine Panik: Wie bei jedem Projekt erfordert die Einführung eines neuen Tools eine genaue Methodik, die Ihnen der Softwareanbieter mit an die Hand gibt. Die Einführung einer Projekt-Staffing Software passiert nicht von heute auf morgen und vor allem nicht ohne professionelle Unterstützung.  

Wir von Napta haben deshalb eine Checkliste für das Change Management erstellt, um Ihnen genau hier unter die Arme zu greifen.

4th preconception: training is always tedious


In the previous section, we discussed the deployment of the tool within the company, which leads to the question of how the teams will get used to it. The second concern related to its deployment is often the training that may follow: how long will it take? With whom? Won't the training time take up too much of the employee's workload? 

Well, no! Training on resource management software is crucial to ensure adoption, but don't think of training as a waste of time. It is more difficult to appreciate your new tool, if you do not master it... 

At Napta, we give priority to training via ambassadors chosen from your company. These ambassadors are supported by our trainers to help them discover the assignment tool. At the end of the training, you will have in-house experts on the handling of the assignment tool. A win-win process, which allows you to realize your digital transition at your own pace, for a smooth start. 


Myth #5: Features lack flexibility

And... Wrong!

Each resource management tool has a solid base to carry out your project planning. Alongside this foundation, many features can be implemented along the way. The most important thing is to keep in mind that each feature can be adapted to your use. Resource management tools like Napta develop new features every week based on user feedback. This is why it is very important to always choose your tool based on its features but also on its roadmap! 

To avoid making mistakes, we recommend that you start by creating a specification. The latter should be created by a stakeholder of the project, or by a representative of a division of the company. The chosen collaborators have the difficult task of choosing the features that are immutable to the project, those that are negotiable and finally, those that can be optional. This way, you can better determine the budget for your resource management software, as well as the new processes you wish to implement in the company. 

A resource management software is not only about schedules!

In spite of its name, the software of assignment is not only intended for the missions related to the assignment, but for the project management in its totality. Good software is interconnected, so that it can be used by all the employees of your company. The difficulty of its deployment does not depend on its size, but on the company's ability to successfully manage change. 

If you have any further questions about the software at assignment, please contact our team without delay! We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Would you like to find out more? We've got plenty of resources to help you go further.

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See also our guides, templates and checklists in the Resources tab.

See you soon at Napta!

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