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5 reasons that make your resource management tool an ally of your profitability
Resource management

5 reasons that make your resource management tool an ally of your profitability

Agathe Placet
Content manager
December 21, 2022
5 min

The resource management tool can be the greatest asset of service companies. But beware: you still need to know how to use it to its full potential... 🤔 Performance, engagement, but also profitability are largely impacted by how you use it. Don't see how? We suggest you discover the 5 reasons why your resource management tool is the best ally of your profitability. 


A good optimization of assignment at the beginning = less budget overrun!

Optimizing project planningBut how? Like a recipe, you need to gather the right ingredients for success. 

To get to the heart of the matter, optimizing project planning and assignment means first and foremost taking into account a certain amount of information when creating project teams. Among them, we find in particular: 

  • Availability of employees 
  • Their skills
  • Their interests
  • Their wishes for development
  • Budgets and deadlines
  • The YMPE and YRT of your teams

And this is where your resource management tool comes in: it allows you to cross-reference all these data (objectives VS constraints) in order to build the best project team the first time. And when you sell a project with a fixed-price billing method, the CJM of your collaborators is a crucial metric to take into account. Indeed, the resource management tool not only allows you to compare the skills between all your collaborators, but also to help you compose a team that can complete the mission in the least time possible. And above all, that guarantees the best margin! 

By creating features that are both mission- and budget-appropriate, you reduce the possibility of project slippage, mid-mission changes, and consequently, lost margin.

Don't underestimate the power of a resource management tool in maintaining your budgets!

Better management of resource allocation = less wasted resources

As we have just seen, the organization of your assignment is based on the management of resources: budget, collaborator, deadline, TJM/CJM, skills, etc. The resource management tool uses this information to : 

  • Targeting consultants on assignment so as not to mobilize them at more than 100% of their occupancy rate
  • Targeting consultants in the inter-contract period, i.e. without an assignment 
  • Targeting consultants at the beginning or end of the contract period. 

Three essential data to identify future availabilities and availabilities at the moment.

As you know, an employee without a mission is a loss of earnings. It is essential to be able to identify who is or will be without an assignment in order to anticipate and be able to :

  • Optimize their skills through training,
  • Position them on internal projects or in support of ongoing missions, 
  • Position them on pro-bono missions, 
  • Offer them the opportunity to make a financial contribution. 

It's a win-win process because if your employees are trained and engaged by and in your company, you maximize your profitability by reducing the cost of availability. You ensure more commitment, more performance and above all, more profitability!

A better assignment for each mission = more successful projects!

Previously, we discussed the issue of resource allocation, particularly that of employees. Your resource management software helps you to build the teams that will have the best chance to achieve the success of your project and the satisfaction of your customers. But how?

The resource management software software is based on an algorithm that sorts the candidates with relevance. Thus, you can build your project team according to the very specific criteria of each mission, with profiles perfectly adapted to the needs and expectations of your client. Thus : 

➡️ You limit the risk of positioning an under- or overqualified employee for the assignment. 

➡️ Managers assignment no longer interchange staff from day to day, as competencies are clearly established up front. 

➡️ You limit the expenditure of useful resources while maximizing the chances of meeting deadlines on time. 

You gain in profitability because employees and customers are 100% satisfied. Since employees are trained, you need to recruit less. And you increase customer loyalty at the same time. The result: a respected margin and renewed missions, for even more profitability. 

A more engaging and motivating assignment = less turnover, less recruitment, more retention 

As you can see, your employees are the engine of your business and your success depends on them. It is therefore important to cherish their satisfaction! However, some of them do not dare to express their interest (or disinterest) in certain projects, or to report difficulties encountered on current missions (redundant tasks, difficult management, etc.). This is where the resource management software comes in: you can give your employees the possibility to report this type of information via the tool. Mid-term evaluation, individual calendar, like on project, aspiration...

For example, the resource management tool Napta has implemented an option that is very popular at Capgemini Invent: the like. This system allows employees to indicate their interest in a sector of activity, a position or a skill to be developed.

Why is feedback critical to your profitability? It allows you to align the expectations of your employees with the operational needs of your business. In other words, to carry out your projects as well as possible while guaranteeing the satisfaction of your teams! And satisfied teams are always more efficient. CQFD!


Better analysis of blocking points = even more success in the future

Dies ist zweifellos einer der offensichtlichsten Vorteile von Projekt-Staffing-Tools.   

The resource management software makes it possible to take stock of all the missions. The projects are analyzed, from the least to the most profitable. It highlights conflicts at any given moment: a collaborator working on 2 missions at the same time at 100%, exceeding the margins of the TJM of the consultants, projects slowed down by lack of skills, etc. 

Anticipating all these questions via the resource management software allows, in real time, to be simply at the maximum of its profitability. 


The resource management software: your greatest competitive advantage

As we have shown in the article, the resource management tool is not a software like the others. Its purpose is not to display data one after the other and let you make your choice arbitrarily. The data presented is the result of a great deal of thought to ensure that your project runs with the minimum of hiccups, while mobilizing the minimal - but sufficient - resources to make the project a success .

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