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4 tools of assignment compared (Excel, ERP, internal tool, dedicated tool): which one to choose for your company?
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4 tools of assignment compared (Excel, ERP, internal tool, dedicated tool): which one to choose for your company?

Estelle Barthes
Content manager
December 19, 2022
5 min

Which assignment software should you choose when starting out in project management? It's very important to choose a software solution that's intuitive, collaborative and adapted to your business. Here, we take a look at 4 of the assignment tools that companies use on a daily basis. 

Excel: looks easy at first, but…

Excel is part of the Microsoft Office package, bundled with the office tools such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. It is a spreadsheet application in which you can create pivot tables, set up calculation formulas, display charts and build databases.  


  • Extremely flexible tool when mastered
  • Unlimited database
  • Data can be structured & cross-referenced in dynamic tables


  • Lack of information transparency
  • Risk of human error and no change history
  • No data security (safeguarding & privacy)
  • Non collaborative

On its own, Excel is a great first tool for any company just starting out: assignment. But as soon as you have more than 30 employees, the tool quickly becomes time-consuming.

ERP: a powerful tool for resource management?  

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software solution that manages all the data within a company. It includes the whole value chain, as well as inventory and transport.  


  • Structured and unlimited database
  • Fast and easy data updates
  • All company data is included, from design to production, transport and sales‍


  • No detailed employee profiles
  • Software often outdated, with few updates and little personalised customer service
  • Limited collaboration: project team members cannot be notified
  • No information on resources and teams’ capacity
  • No global access to teams or employees. Can lead to frustration and data discrepancies

An ERP tool includes many parameters, but is not intended to be a tool for assignment. It should only be used by companies with fewer than 5 employees - and even then... 

Proprietary solution: economical and efficient?

The creation of an internal assignment tool relies on the acquisition of highly competent teams to set up a custom tool. The idea is very attractive, since it is the assurance of a tool in perfect coherence with the prerogatives of the company.


  • A tailor-made, fully flexible tool
  • Teams dedicated to its continuous improvement
  • Functionalities perfectly adapted to the company


  • If there is turnover in the development team, employees will leave with their knowledge and expertise
  • Setting up and mobilising teams to maintain the solution is very expensive
  • The development team is no longer available for billable assignments

Developing your own tool will consume a lot of your time and requires a substantial budget to develop and to maintain.

Resource management software: the reference

A tool of assignment aims to help you to pilot all your projects, via the mapping of competences of the collaborators - staffers for the intimate ones. It allows you, in a few clicks, to establish the best possible project teams. 


  • Comprehensive platform: can be updated quickly and the editor can be asked for advice
  • User-friendly tool
  • Fully collaborative tool
  • Easy communication: colleagues and team members can be notified and alerted


  • It is not a proprietary tool. Make sure you get good customer service
  • Some features may be missing at the beginning. Inquire about them on an initial call or ask for a custom quote.  

A dedicated assignment tool is the best solution for your company.. You get a solution that's ergonomic and in tune with your business. You can concentrate on your core business, using a platform that already has all the expected functionalities.

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