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Resource management software: HR's new favorite tool
Resource management

Resource management software: HR's new favorite tool

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April 11, 2022
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More and more HR managers are adopting a wide range of digital tools to improve their day-to-day performance. HRIS, LMS, ATS, Skills management... there are tools for every taste and, above all, every purpose. But these tools are often far removed from operational issues, and fail to bridge the gap with what's actually happening in the field. That's why more and more HR managers, mainly in service companies, are turning to software that allows them to keep an eye on schedules: assignment software. In this article, we take a look at the many advantages of this software. 

What are the benefits of HR resource management tool?

A tool that centralises data

A resource management tool is a veritable wealth of information for HR managers. In particular, it allows the consolidation of several types of information, usually living on separate software:

  • All the data on your employees are listed: their availability, their skills, their expertise, their certifications, their interest in the projects, etc. 
  • All the data related to the project: resources to be mobilised, time associated with each project mission, completion time, number of actors, etc. 
  • All data on the evolution of budgets: differences between planned and actual time spent on each project, margin monitoring, TMJ and CJM of consultants, etc.

All of this information allows HR managers to have both short and long term visibility of skills gaps and resource requirements for future projects. This makes it easier to determine which training and recruitment plans to implement to support operational needs.   

A collaborative tool 

This data centralization wouldn't be enough if your assignment software wasn't also a collaborative tool. 

In addition to identifying information that is crucial to the development of your projects, it ensures that information is shared with all project stakeholders. Thus, in the event of a project update, new resource requirements, or project slippage, the tool shares the information simultaneously with all stakeholders. In addition, some resource management tool have the capacity to send alert notifications by email to maximise the fluidity of communication. 

In short, the assignment tool enables HR managers to obtain, at the same time as managers, project leaders and employees, all the information linked to the progress of projects. In this way, they can take measures to facilitate the operational management of projects.

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A tool in constant evolution

A good resource management tool is above all a evolving tool. It is not uncommon for many HR departments to use an Excel file to carry out their assignment operations, recruitments, etc. The main concern is that this file becomes obsolete over time. By its very nature, an Excel file is not designed to handle such complex operations. And even if you have excellent training in Excel, not everyone in the company does. 

However, with resource management tool this is no longer an issue! The tool's database is constantly growing: new employees, new company records, new skills, etc. The tool is improved and updated at any given moment, ensuring that information is transmitted globally and immediately. 

A tool that develops your expertise

As a result, your assignment tool enables you to develop your projects more rapidly. You can target your needs over the short, medium and long term. You have the ability to detect your resource allocation needs, as well as the number of players involved in each project. The results of completed projects enable you to better apprehend subsequent projects. 

In conclusion: a valuable indicator of assignment

assignment software is more than just a tool. Unlike specialized software such as HRIS, you develop a 360° view of actions taken at the start and end of a project. You simply develop assignment indicators. 

These indicators reveal performance on each assignment: the time allocated to each assignment, the number of employees mobilized, the workload for each, etc. That's why assignment is the new tool of choice for HR. It is a real asset for understanding which elements add the most value. And those that need to be reworked for future projects. 

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