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The path from PickYourSkills to Napta

We are very proud of the evolution of PickYourSkills and all the collaborations we achieved in only 4 years of existence. Today we are announcing our change of identity to a new brand that will better reflect our mission to help companies maximize engagement and performance through informed, transparent and human project planning.

But that's not all: it will also support our international expansion ambitions and highlight the full range of possibilities Napta brings to the table, not just the "pick your skills" option.

Napta, a new name for a new brand

There is in Egypt, 8000 years BC, a site composed of a series of stone blocks. Beyond the stability and solidity that it symbolizes, this site is none other than the first calendar in the world. It allowed the populations to anticipate the seasons, to foresee the plantations and thus to organize at best the collective life...

Its name? Nabta Playa.

A simple change allowed us to include our core business in this new name: Planning, Project and Performance.

Because it is clear:
we must encourage voluntary engagement

The natural evolution towards Napta

Napta is not the replacement of PickYourSkills, quite the contrary. This new brand is based on
values, operations and convictions that have been the strength of our team since its creation.

We have a sense of service

Support is part of our DNA. At Napta, we put all our energy into understanding the challenges we face. We make sure that we always find a solution adapted to the development of all. We are always listening. There to help and facilitate, with flexibility and openness. Without ego or judgment.

We are benevolent, always

At Napta, we are convinced that collaboration and transmission are key to joint success. This is why we do everything possible to enrich and share our expertise on a daily basis with our collaborators, our clients and our partners. We are precise and educational. Sharp and reliable, a true trusted third party. For greater efficiency and autonomy.

We have a strong ambition

At Napta, we are committed to collective success and individual progress. Our strength lies in our steely mentality and our good humor. No obstacle scares us. Demanding but humble, for us, nothing is impossible.

We are honesty embodied

At Napta, we always strive for accuracy in our communication, because it is honest exchanges that guarantee effective teamwork and successful individual development. We always share the information necessary for the success of our projects, regardless of their nature. Straightforward by nature and conviction. We are sincere and pragmatic.

They chose to work
with Napta

With Napta, we can connect to our CRM and replace three tools in order to gain fluidity on resource assignment and to accompany the consultants in their career path at Bartle.

Patrick Nicolle
Founding partner

With Napta, we have accelerated the professionalization and digitization of our HR processes: we can now track the careers of all our consultants in a single tool and support them in their development at TNP. Napta is the ideal partner for conducting and monitoring our interviews, managing the skills and competencies of our employees, and highlighting our training approach.

Marine Normand
HR Manager

The new assignment process implemented with Napta is a source of satisfaction for all. Consultants can see potential future assignments and "apply" for them, project managers receive faster and more qualitative proposals for their projects and operations managers save time in processing resource requests.

Samir Sadaka
former VP & Director of Operations
Eight Advisory trusts PickYourSkills for its assignmentVertone entrusts PickYourSkills with its assignment and competency management

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